Need Some New #OddMomEntertaiment Check Out @3pillmorning

If you haven’t hear of 3 Pill Morning yet or heard one of their tracks, do yourself a favor and listen now via @Spotify.

Enjoy and thank me later!

You can listen to music on Spotify for free, just head over now and set up an account if you don’t have one!

Lost in the Land of Music Courtesy of Klout Perks and Spotify


Screen Shot of PlaylistThis time last week I was jumping for joy (well not literally, but that little kid inside of me was) when I logged into my Klout to check on a few things to complete my daily stalking and found that I had qualified for a Klout Perk. I had been invited to try out Spotify as part of their official US launch.

What is Spotify?

Spotify is an awesome award winning music service that originated in Europe and has finally landed in the hands of us lucky Americans. Why is it so awesome you ask, well for one it is FREE. You get tons of tracks (trust me, you will find what you want and some you didn’t know you wanted) at your fingertips to organize into as many playlist as your little heart desires.

Spotify Features

On top of the free factor, Spotify boast many other great free features too such as an easy to use search engine and library tool for you to organize all of your great music.

Plus it is as easy as two clicks to share your favorite songs with your friends and readers via Facebook, Twitter, Spotify or Windows Messenger.

Amp up Your Home School

I’m always looking for new tools, especially fun tech, to compliment our home education program and Spotify does just that. With so many tracks at your fingertips, you can quickly compile a playlist for your student.

Already I have compiled a nice playlist of early American history to compliment our studies this year and cannot wait to take the time to gather up some more tracks.

Please Hold for our Sponsor

Well, not really, the brief commercial breaks you hear as a free Spotify user are usually to inform you of the features that premium members receive as well as new tracks and albums from popular and up and coming artist.

I have to say, they are starting to convince premium, or me to upgrade my membership to either the unlimited that have lots of extra fun, features such as mobile apps, offline mode for playlist and no ads for a low price.

How do I Get Spotify?

Glad you asked! Just follow this lovely link and find out if you have enough Klout to gain access. Don’t know what Klout is, than you are missing out and should head on over here now, read up and sign up.

Don’t worry though, if you’re not in the Klout game, just sign up to be invited over at Spotify and when they are out of the initial launch phase you can come and get lost in the land of music with me.

Are you already a Spotify user? The Ebates Savvy Living Community is chatting about it, chime in!