How Many Hours a Day Does Your Baby or Kid Sleep?

On their "Baby and Children Sleep Chart" Parents says that children ages 5 to 12 generally sleep 10 to 11 hours a night. Evidently they haven't met two of my kids.

It always baffles me when I hear parents say that they put their kids to bed at 7 pm at night and they get them up at six or seven the next morning. Not in my house! If I put my kids to bed at seven they would be poking me in the face between three and four in the morning asking for breakfast. NO THANK YOU!

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Halfway Through Homeschool Week One of 2010-2011

This is the serene image I had envisioned for our first week back homeschooling. 

Today marks the halfway point of our first week of school for the year and let me tell you, I am ready for it to be over so we can start fresh next week. Why you ask? Well, while the academics of the week have gone well so far, the scheduling and routine of it all, not so much.

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A Day in the Life of Our Home School

Welcome Not Back to School Blog Hoppers to week 4 “A day in the life.” Warning I am long winded so I may lose you half way though.

As I sit to think about how a day goes about here at the Tweet, I’m amazed really that you do not find me at 8 pm every evening with a stiff drink in my hand and my hair standing on end. As BUSY as it is each day though, we get through it well and for the most part Mama Bear here is still sane at bedtime.

We officially start back to school tomorrow, so I am going to share with you the plans for the day. (By the way, we are night owls despite the fact that Papa Bear leaves for work at 5 am each morning Tues. – Sat.)

Sorry, if you are viewing this before Tuesday, no fun pics for you, I will have them up on Wednesday though.

Between 7 and 8 am, I am up having my coffee and completing my long list of computer items. Before the kiddo’s get up, I attempt to:

  • Check Email
  • Check Twitter Accounts
  • Check blog comments and write new post
  • Review my list of writing jobs for the day, line up new jobs if necessary

At this point, if the kiddos are still sleeping I will go ahead and start working, writing an article or two.

Kids are all up 9 am usually and it is time for breakfast, getting dressed, brushing teeth, you know all that fun stuff.

Once breakfast is over, we head into our morning chores. For Tuesday August 24th that would be

  • Mama Bear: Make bed, straighten, dust & vacuum bedroom, lay out school supplies for day
  • Baby Bear: Make bed, straighten bedroom, vacuum bedroom
  • Goldilocks: Make bed, straighten bedroom, dust bedroom

After Breakfast, it is time for learning block A. For our first day of school, this will consist of:

  • Review Date and what we plan to do for the day and do our mornings “Sing, Chant, Rhyme”
  • Read Alouds – Rhyme: “Boys and Girls Come Out to Play”; Story: “The Duckling Who Didn't Know What to Do”
  • Reading Activity – Pick a book from the reading book basket and read aloud to each other, talk about the front and back cover as well as the title.
  • Instruction Time: Phonics/Phonemic Awareness using the method of ear, tongue, sight then hands-on training.
  • Word Work Activity – Finger-paint upper and lowercase M
  • Writing Activity - Make a list of words with the M sound, draw a picture and label it.
  • Science/Social Studies LA Activity – Make a favorite pet chart
  • Instruction Time – Patterns
  • Independent Math – identify and extend patterns

When we finish our morning school block, it is time to exercise. This could be yoga, cardio, outdoor play. It depends on the weather and everyone’s mood for the day. If I need to get them motivated, cardio/aerobics type work it is. If they need to mellow out a bit, yoga is the plan.

Yay…it is time for lunch at 1 pm

After lunch, we start Learning block B while Little Red takes a nap.

  • First, will review the Pledge of Allegiance and sing it as warm up to getting back into a music program.
  • Then it is time for “Animal Fact/Animal Fable” as a read aloud.”
  • Then will read from “The Complete Book of Animals” covering the basics about animals. The kiddos will then write (draw for Goldilocks) in their journals about what they learned.

Now it is free time for the kiddo’s while Mama Bear gets down to business writing. (Of course, I have to start dinner in this time too and usually break up a fight or two, but I manage to get SOME work done.

At 5 pm, Papa Bear gets home from work and we have dinner.

After Dinner, it is family time. Playing a game, watching a movie/TV or whatever floats or boat for that day.

Then it is time for evening chores. I’m cleaning up the kitchen and any random clutter that accumulated that day while the kiddo’s tidy up their toys for the day.

Time for Dessert!

Kiddo’s take their showers, brush their teeth and so on while Papa Bear goes to bed.

Little Red usually heads of to bed while we do stories, watch a movie and wind down to bed. I try to sneak in some more work here if I can.

Sometime between 10 and 11, the big kids and I head off to bed. If I still have work to do, I send them to bed and will stay up another hour or so and get it done.

Then we do all over again the next day.

Reading this, I think I just gasped for air as I realized this does not even include soccer season. We are not playing again until the spring, but when we do that means practice twice a week and games on Friday evenings.