Review - The Classical Historian History Go Fish Game

History is possibly the FAVORITE subject in our house, loved almost as much as games. Last fall I got the Ancient History memory game from The Classical Historian to play with the kids. Then, I found out at the beginning of this year that I would have the opportunity to review and add The Classical Historian Go Fish Game to our collection.


That is right, I said the beginning of the year. In fact all of my Mosaic Reviews team mates received their games in spring and shared their reviews in June. Me, I sat sad wondering where my game was. I contacted The Classical Historian who were prompt to respond and said they would send me out another. 

I waited and waited and still no game :-( 

Then finally on August 27 a package arrived at my door and there was my Go Fish Game. That's right, the USPS had lost my package and as of today I still haven't received the second one. 

So now FINALLY, woo...hooo....., I get to share my review of our Ancient History Go Fish Game from The Classical Historian with you! 


The Classical Historian

The Classical Historian is a family run business that produces history games and curriculum that promotes Socratic discussion. They provide complete history curriculums for students in grades 6 to 12, individual products and even online classes.  You can view their products and interact with them here

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Ancient History Go Fish Game


Product Description: Learn historical facts, chronology, geography and historical association.

Ages: 5 to 129

Price:  $11.95

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This go fish game is so much more than go fish. The Classical Historian includes colorful graphics and lots of facts that allow you to play four different games with the deck of 50 cards. 

We are early in our year of Introduction to classical studies so far and have only played the go fish game, but my kids LOVE it and we have played over and over again. Even the four year old has a blast playing because we are able to reference the colors and numbers on the cards for play, rather than asking "Do you have any Roman Empires?"

My guess is, that it will be close to the holidays when we try out the other game variations, which include Collect the Cards (historical facts,) Chronology (time line fun without the timeline) and Continents (geography practice.)



Columbus Day Special

From now until November 1, 2013, you can get the American History Memory and Go Fish Games as a bundle for just $9.99! That is a 60% savings off the normal price.

The folks at The Classical Historian have also included a free mini Columbus Day lesson for you too. Check it out and purchase your American History bundle too, I will be! 


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Does your family enjoy educational games? What is your favorite one to play?