The Dark Depths of Postpartum Depression

Brought to Light by WIGS — SUSANNA

If you have yet to hear of WIGS, I about to introduce you to amazing drama. Amazing drama brought to your by leading names in the entertainment industry, yet it sits free, streamed on YouTube, for all. Just waiting to suck you in!

Sussana is just one of many of the amazing shows WIGS has produced thus far. Starring Maggie Grace, Anna Paquin and Virginia Madsen, Susanna is described as “A young woman’s life is turned upside down when she is forced to care for her older sister’s infant daughter.”

Let me tell you that is an understatement! Writer and director Jon Avnet, of Fried Green Tomatoes, digs deep and makes any mother who has ever battled with postpartum depression, relive some intense emotions in the first episode. Watch for yourself!

Those moments of pure desperation, fear and self doubt in episode one, portrayed by Anna Paquin immediately clasped onto me, reminding me of my own stint with postpartum depression.

While my case wasn’t nearly as serious as what is seen here, I was lost in a sea of emotions I couldn’t control and ended up taking medication for months so that I could function normally (well, my version of normal anyway) again.

I never kicked the depression fully; I still have downswings and those days are hard. But I had realized that I was becoming angry and agitated while on the medication, and my kids didn’t deserve a mom that snapped like piranha all day for no reason.

It is scary to think that a mother can lose touch when she has a new baby to care for, but it happens and it happens more often than people realize. If you suspect a new mom or even a mom that has just had child number three, is suffering from PPD, reach out and help her, listen to her and remember that it is not her choice to feel that way.

Now, go watch Susanna on WIGS, all 24 episodes are live. But make sure you grab a snack and a drink first, because I promise you won’t want to stop until you finish them all!