The Footwear Choices of a an Odd Mom in Florida

I love shoes! As in, if I had a celebrity budget, no conscience for my frivolous spending and a place to actually wear them, I would could easily have my 1.200 square foot home home lined with shoes from floor to ceiling, kind of love.

Alas, I am a mom. A home practical and frugal homeschool mom, with no place to wear the heels that drool over. Plus, I’m a Florida mom and I know that there are three main shoe groups, sandals, boots and slippers. It is a rare occasion that you find me wearing any other kind of shoe and 75% of the time, I’m glued to my flops.

The boots are for what we wimpy Floridians call a winter because I can NOT stand for my feet to get cold. If my feet get cold, my whole body is cold for hours. Otherwise, the flops would control more like 90% of the time.

The last necessary shoe item are my slippers. The nice squishy, comfy, pamper your feet kind of slippers. Why, because over the years I have learned that it is insane to have carpet in your home when you live in any of the dirty/sandy rural or semi rural areas of Florida. Walking on tiled and wooden floors all day, especially washing dishes and cooking meals can make your poor little piggies and back sore. The comfy slippers are a must.

natures sleep disclosure.jpg

Since I no one got me a new pair for Christmas this year :::Imagine my incredibly pouty face::::: I am excited to share that Nature's Sleep is here to save the day.

I just ordered myself a pair of lavender open-toed (great for Florida) slippers with memory foam for less than $10. Yeah buddy! Want to know how?

Nature's Sleep is having a spring sale, offering up 75% off of their slippers when you use code SLIP75 from now until April 8, 2013.

75 off slippers

What are top three choices for footwear, do slippers make it onto your list?