The Not So Planned Menu Tuesday

I had GREAT intentions of posting a menu plan yesterday. Pffttt....

Instead the day included:

Being asked by the police to come down and make a statment because I saw the guy they just arrested for luring children (7.5 million bond for that sick bastard) at the park 3 weeks ago.

8 Year old acting like her school work was equivelant to a Savage Race.

10 year old going into full on melt down for the gazillionith time in a week because he has become fixated on something and can't let go.

A GINORMOUS migraine that had me in bed asleep before the sun went down. Only to be awoken by a 70 pound dog pouncing at my head like it was a shiney new tennis ball.


So, without fail I give you my not so planned menu for the week:

Yesterday: Spaghetti and garlic bread Today: Fish fillets, rice & brussel sprouts Wednesday: Something with steak???? Thursday: Something with Pork??? Friday: Something with hamburger???

There is also salad stuff, fruit, pasta etc, etc... in the house, so if all else fails the family will eat, just dont expect me to have an anser this week for the dreaded "What's for Dinner?" question.

By the way....I still need to go to the police station....hope I haven't made them mad.