The Royal Celebration at Arabian Nights in Orlando


I was invited this past Tuesday to be a guest at Arabian Nights to view their new show "The Royal Celebration." As media day guest my family and I attended the Central Florida dinner show for lunch for free, but you will find that my opinions are 100% my own and not biased by the gracious invitation.


Though I am a Central Florida native and have been to many of the "tourist" attractions, I had never been to Arabian Nights in the past. I was excited when I received my invitation which read


"The Royal Celebration" is an all-new Arabian Nights experience -the first complete revision of the show in 14 years.  
The show features several exciting new acts - along with a few of our greatest hits - woven together through a tale of romantic adventure that will introduce you to a variety of horses and riders from around the world.
We are also celebrating our 25th anniversary. We're proud to have staged more than 10,000 shows and entertained more than 10 million guests across four decades. Our mission continues to be to highlight and preserve the equine arts.


So What Did the Kids Think? 

Well first of all, my 4 year old daughter was completely enamored with the whole experience. If there is a princess she is all in. It was bonus for her that horses and a slice of chocolate cake came with the princess.

Checking out one of the beautiful horses after the show.

Checking out one of the beautiful horses after the show.

My 8 year old daughter absolutely LOVES horses and really enjoyed watching them throughout the show. She also said her chicken tenders and cake were really good too! 

Our 10 year old son surprised me the most. He has expressed no interest in horses in the past and is usually very uneasy in noisy places (This show was WAY too loud at points) but he was literally grinning from ear to ear throughout the whole performance. He said the tricks with the horses reminded him of a circus and that his pulled pork lunch was great. 

I'm a Frugal Fickle Thing

Really I am. I rarely pay for entertainment unless I REALLY think I'm getting something out of it. That being said, I would have a really hard time paying the cost of ticket to see Arabian Nights since the over $50 price tag per ticket would make it a pretty pricey evening out for our family of five. Why would I have such a hard time? 

  • Like I said, the music was really LOUD at times; ear ringing loud.
  • The food was good, but it wasn't anything special either
  • The story line of the show wasn't great. 




Reasons You Should Check Out Arabian Nights While in Central Florida

  • You regularly pay for entertainment such as trips to the movies, concerts and the like. Obviously your not a frugal freak like me and it doesn't make you squirm to spend more than $50 on a night out for fun.
  • If you love horses and will appreciate the exceptional skill of the horses and their riders at Arabian Nights. They truly are beautiful creatures that amazed me with their ability. (The dude jumping through the ring of fire while standing on a horses back was pretty awesome too!)
  • You want your kids to experience a family friendly dinner show. If your kids are like mine, they will love it! 
  • A sit down dinner at Disney World restaurant can quickly cost just as much and doesn't come with all of the fun entertainment so venture out of the parks for a night experience the area we call home beyond the Mouse. 

Have you ever been to Arabian Nights while in Central Florida, what did you think?