The Smiley360 Capture Your Summer Contest: Not So Odd After All

May 2012: KOA/SheCon - Kicking off the summer camping KOA style by Disney World

I may be an Odd Mom, but doesn't mean our family doesn't enjoy summer. As a matter of fact, we love summer, even when the heat index gets above 100 degrees here in sunny Florida. Since our new homeschool year inches closer and our summer is coming to an end soon, I wanted to share with you what our family has been up to this summer as a part of the Smiley360 Capture Your Summer Contest.

June 2012: 7 Little Piglets are born!

July 2012: Eustis Friday Night Street Fest for 4th of July Fireworks where fun stuff like running in the grass with a cape on took place!

July 2012: Cocoa Beach Baby

July 2012: Cocoa Beach sand play at its finest.

July 2012: Chillaxin in the Cocoa Beach Sun

August 2012: What is summer without watermelon?

August 2012: Tree climbing time.

May 2012: KOA/SheCon trip - People Mover Time for the hubs and Ali at Disney World

May 2012: KOA/SheCon trip - Ema & the Hubs on the People Mover at Disney World

May 2012: KOA/SheCon trip - Matt on the People Mover at Disney World

May 2012: KOA/SheCon trip - I broke down and took a pic of myself on the People Mover at Disney World (psstt...I hate photos of me)

July 2012: Play time in mommy's wedding dress

July 2012: More dress play

July 2012: Giant Nerf guns are a must for summer!

August 2012: Serious thought!

August 2012: The piglets love all the attention they are getting.

Okay, so maybe we are a little odd. We'll be finishing up our summer stating at Celebration Suites for Labor Day so that we can get our Disney World fix and check out all the cool classic & muscle cars at Old Town.