The Top Odd Moments at That Odd Mom in 2012

So what did you, the reader, really come to that Odd Mom in search of in 2012? Well, I can tell you that your choices were not very odd. I present to you the top five post and top 10 search terms for That Odd Mom in 2012.

Top Post in 2012

1.      Not Back to School Blog Hop 2012: The Curriculum – The post where I shared with you our non-traditional yet rather traditional line up of learning. Confused, go take a peek to find out what I mean.

2.      Subway and Disney Pixar Have Partnered for Some Fun! – Obviously our household isn’t the only one in love with Disney Pixar and Subway, it seems a lot of you are too!

3.      Melissa & Doug Terrific Twenty Toy Giveaway – The holidays and a free toy from the Awesome Melissa & Doug Terrific Twenty List, it is no wonder this post saw a lot of traffic.

4.      The Homeschool Mother’s Journal: Chore Pad HD Rocks – Evidently I’m not the only one who has issues keeping my kids on task because you all showed this edition of The Homeschool Mother’s Journal a lot of love.

5.      My Favorite Things to Do in the Orlando Area – What do Central Florida natives do in Orlando? Why we behave like tourist and have fun of course! Find out what I like to do on weekend getaways that has so many people intrigued.

Top Visits from Google Search Queries in 2012

1.      Zumba ecards

2.      Children ecards

3.      Someecards family

4.      Someecards parents

5.      Trevor Moran

Something tells me I’m in the wrong business and need to get busy making some ecards!

What does 2013 have in store, I’m not sure yet, but I can tell you that so far you have come to me in search of many things, including a way to “recreate fun da middles filling,” I tried it and do not advise it unless you want goo exploding in your oven.