The Ultimate Homeschool Planner - My Life Planner


Through the Mosaic Reviews team, I’ve recently had the opportunity to use The Ultimate Homeschool Planner, created by Debra Bell and sold by Apologia. Though it is intended as a homeschool planner, it has gone beyond that for me and become my life planner. I love it! Additionally, we received a copy of the Ultimate Daily Planner for Students, for my 10 year old son. First I want to tell you about my new lifeline, the parents planner.


The Parts of The Ultimate Homeschool Planner

The planner is divided into ten parts and when you utilize the first part, the “user guide” at the beginning of the planner, to help, you find out just how wonderful each section is.

The User Guide - explains how to use the planner, yearly planning, monthly planning, weekly planning and how to include your students with Monday Morning Tutorials and Friday Afternoon Reviews.

One-Year Planning Grid - Gives you a spread from July - June to track important dates, days off, activities etc. I am also using this section (with the help of a yellow highlighter) to track our attendance.


Student Goal Setter - Here is where you get to write down your goals, character and academic, for your children for the next year.

Pre-Planning Guides - Covers your families priorities for the year as well as your resource list.

Monthly Planning Pages - There is enough room to pencil important dates, classes your children may be taking and more.


Weekly Planning Pages - Start out with a two page spread for mom/dad to write in their bible plan for the week, battle plan and fighter verse, prayers, hospitality, memorable moment and achievements for the week and evidences of grace for the week. While we are not a Christian family I still LOVE these pages. I put a memory verse in place of the bible plan, an inspirational quote for the week for me in the battle plan section, character goals for the week under prayers and love jotting down the little moments that we often overlook recording in the other sections.


The next part of the weekly planning pages is another two page spread with a 6 * 6 lined grid for planning your lessons and additional sections for notes, supplies and appointments. The reason why I call my planner my new life planner is because I use the grids to not only plan our homeschool lessons, but household task along with the menu for the week, blog responsibilities and misc. projects.


Records: Grades, Reading List and Activities - After all the weekly planning pages, you find a place to record grades, reading list and activities with plenty of space for multiple children.

Teaching Tips - Here you find tips for helping your child to become an independent learner, learning styles, thinking skills and a guide to the Study-Smart Student Toolkit.

High School Planning Guide - Provides spaces to plan courses for your high school student for grades 8 - 12 along with a sample plan to help get your started.

Year in Review - Finally, the planner finishes up with two lined pages for you to jot down your thoughts at the end of the year.

There are also little bits of joy thrown in the planner in the form of quotes, that I love.

The Student Planner

The student planner is simple and efficient and great way to start your kid off on their way to independent learning. Because we do a lot reading and parent guided lessons in our home, it really isn’t a good fit for us at this time, but Matt latched onto it and really liked the idea of being accountable for his own work. As he works into more independent work, I know we will be utilizing it.

(I would love to share a personal pic with you here, but the boy has informed me that he doesn't know where he put his at the moment. Sigh....not cool man, not cool.)

The Ultimate Daily Planner for Students includes:

  • Monthly Planning Pages

  • Weekly/Daily Planning Pages

  • Records Pages for Grades

  • Activity Log

  • And So Much More....

How You Can Get The Ultimate Homeschool Planner or Student Planner

Check out these sample pages of the planners and then head on over to Apologia to purchase your copy.

The Ultimate Homeschool Planner comes in two cover designs and is available for $28.00.

The Ultimate Weekly Planner for Teens and The Ultimate Daily Planner for Students are both $19.00.

Find Out More About the Planners

Your can read more reviews of all of these amazing planners from my fellow Mosaic Reviews team members here (link coming soon) and attend a Facebook Party with Apologia on April 12th at 9pm EST.

I used to be a strictly digital planning kind of girl, but this planner has converted me. Which type of planner do you prefer, paper or digital?