Three First Loves - One True Love

Cover scan of a public domain comic book.

Cover scan of a public domain comic book.

They say your first love always hurts the most and while I agree somewhat, I guess it depends on how you interpret first love. Is it the first time you found yourself lingering by the phone for an hour hoping he would call? Was it the first time your friend became more than a friend or maybe the first time you knew, without any doubt, this was the person you to share the rest of your life with? I had three first loves, but only one of them was my true love, the man I with whom I hope to spend the rest of my life.

My One True Love

I could tell you about my first love as preteen or the friend that held my heart for a while but I won’t. Their parts were significant in making me the person I am and leading me on the path to my true love, but today, I only want to take about him, my husband and my best friend, the hubs, Adam. Here is our condensed story of love, just for you.

Chapter 1 – They Meet & Fall in Love

Well, not really, we knew whom each other were and played a game of cat and mouse of sorts for years before we would finally end up together. First, I was dating someone and would not give him the time of day. Then, it was the same for him. We circled around each other for two years before we finally had our chance when I was 17 and he was 19.

Chapter 2 – Dive in Head First

Within a month, love was declared and in two months, we rented our first duplex together. By our first anniversary, we would begin to discuss marriage. Of course, some told us we were crazy, we were too young, blah, blah, and blah. Then others would share how inspiring we were because we were never fighting or mad at each other.

Chapter 3 – A Year of Ups and Downs

The second year of our relationship, peaks, and valleys that included a proper proposal and a one-week separation that ultimately ended with us stronger than ever.

Chapter 4 – Going to the Chapel and Were . . .

Our wedding date was planned for two months after our third anniversary but the surprise news of our oldest child, our sweet Matt, pushed the date up four months. We exchanged vows at a beautiful lakeside hall with me barely squeezed into my wedding dress, four and a half months pregnant.

Chapter 5 – Real Love

Here we sit, 13 years and 4 months since our love story began and I know now more than ever that my husband was my first true love. It may not have always been an easy road getting here, but never have I questioned my feelings for him.

What about your first love, are you still together today? How do you feel about multiple first loves, each being a first of a different level of love?