Timeless Education: Middle Years Book List

Over the last few months I have been sharing a collection of wonderful classic books to read to your children. Today's list moves beyond the primary age and focuses on books to read aloud or with your children that are 10 to 14 years old. 

The list is considerably shorter, as we assume your children are reading the majority of their material independently at this age. It also places most of the focus on Roman history.

Historical, World

  • The Aeneid for Boys and Girls
  • Lays of Ancient Rome
  • Coriolanus
  • Story of the Romans
  • Plutarch Tales
  • Stories from Livy
  • The Burning of Rome
  • Adventures of a Roman Boy
  • Last Days of Pompeii

Historical, American

  • The Story of a Bad Boy, Aldrich

Christian Studies & Character

  • A Book of Golden Deeds
  • A Christmas Carol

Geography and Culture

  • The Quest of the Four Leaved Clover


  • Julius Caesar
  • Macbeth 

Science and Nature

  • Madam How and Lady Why

All Other Genres

  • Treasure Island
  • The Boy's King Arthur
  • Puck of Pook's Hill
  • Robin Hood


I hope you and your children enjoy these titles! I will be sharing the last list in the series, for 15 to 18 year old children soon. For now, you can check out the primary years list here 

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