Timeless Education: Primary Year 3 Book List

It is time for the fifth installment of classic literature list I'm am posting. Previously I have shared with you

This literature list is intended for children ages 8 to 9 years of age and is meant to be read aloud. Because children didn't begin formal studies in history, geography or science until year three or later in the early 1900's, quality literature chosen to build a foundation of information in the subject areas. I have done my best to divide the literature based on genre for you.

Many of these books can be found in reprint. Simply use the list as a guide to help you decide on books that are suitable for each age range. 

Historical, World

  • Tanglewood Tales, Hawthorne
  • Stories of Long Ago, Kupfer
  • Old Greek Stories, Baldwin
  • Stories of Old Greece, Firth
  • Gods and Heroes, Francillon
  • The Wonder Book, Hawthorne
  • The God’s of our Fathers, Stearn
  • The Heroes of Asgard, Keary
  • The Story of Siegfried
  • Four Old Greeks, Jennie Hall
  • William Tell in Ten Great Events, Johonnet, Golden Rod Series
  • When the King Came, Hodges (Christian Studies)

Historical, American

  • Story of the Pilgrims

Geography & Culture

  • Old Christmas
  • The Legend of St. Christopher
  • Ten Boys on the Road from Long Ago to Now, Andrews
  • The Wonderful Adventure of Nils

Folklore & Fairy Tales

  • Fairy Tales from the Far North

Myths and Legends

  • Book of Legends, Scudder

Adventure & Fantasy

  • Gulliver's Travels, Swift
  • Robinson Crusoe - Daniel Defoe

Science & Nature

  • A Little Brother to the Bear, Long
  • Beast of the Field
  • Fowls of the Air
  • Northern Trails
  • Following Deer
  • First Book of Birds
  • Second Book of Birds
  • Little Brothers of the Air
  • Bee People


  • The Posy Ring, Kate Douglas Wiggin and Nora A. Smith
  • Songs of the Tree Top and Meadow, Lida McMurray and Agnes Cook
  • Hiawatha, The Village Blacksmith, The Children’s Hour & The Clock on the Stair, Longfellow
  • Rhymes in Childhood, James Whitcomb Riley
  • The Mountain and the Squirrel, Emerson
  • Baucis and Philemon, Jonathan Swift
  • Lost - Three Little Robins, Mrs. C. F. Berry
  • A Bird’s Nest, Florence Perry
  • Little Brown Hands, M. H. Krout
  • The Fox and the Crow, Jane Taylor
  • The City Mouse and the Country Mouse, Christina G. Rossetti
  • Mrs. Speckled Feather’s Family, S. E. Eastman
  • A Visit from St. Nicholas, Clement Moore
  • Wynken, Blynken and Nod, Eugene Field
  • Fairy Folk, John Keats
  • Meadow Talk, Caroline Leslie
  • What the Wind Brings, Stedman
  • The Wonderful World, Browne
  • Songs of Innocence, Blake

And there you have it, a collection of fantastic classic literature to read aloud to your 8 to 9 year old child throughout the year.