Timeless Education: Upper Years Book List

I'm sort of sad today as I publish this post, the final in my series of classic literature for kids. We started out with with the PreK years and now here we are with some great selections to read with your high school aged children. European history, Shakespeare and a generous helping of Sir Walter Scott are all included. 

Historical, World

A Child'd History of England

Modern Viking Tales

Knightly Legends of Whales

The Legend of Sir Launfal

The Story of Siegfried

The Story of Roland

Harold, the Last of the Saxon Kings

Scottish Chiefs, Porter

Quintin Durward, Scott

The Tower of London

Geography & Cultures

The Boy's Froissart



Richard II

Henry IV

Henry V

All Other Genres


The Knights Tale, Chaucer

Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc, Twain

The Lay of the Last Minstrel, Scott

Kenilworth, Scott

Old Mortality, Scott

Rob Roy, Scott



And now we find ourselves at the end of the Timeless Education literature series. I hope you enjoyed adding some of these titles to your read aloud/read together list as I have.