'Tis Always Morning Somewhere

This quote from Longfellow is our homeschool memory verse for the week. I chose it because it is a wonderful reminder that even on our worst days, a new day is right around the corner.

Today we will have our tea time, a wonderful component/suggestion of the Brave Writer curriculum. Since Longfellow was born in February of 1807 and died in March of 1984, I have been weaving him into our studies and today I will read the full poem, The Birds of Killingsworth, as we sip our beverages and nibble on the days baking project.

The poem opens up the opportunity to discuss the coming of spring, birds and to discuss the rotation of Earth.

Since we are in Florida, the birds have been out and about, chirping away gleefully already, even with our recent cold snap. It will be warm enough this afternoon though to head outside after our tea time though, with drawing materials in hand, to head right into nature study and take the time to document the birds currently inhabiting our yard.

Does your family work on memory verses? How do you choose your verse for the week? What is your favorite verse so far?