You've Got to be Kidding Me Huggies - TweetPee is a #Fail

Have you seen the news, Huggies is testing out a new product to make your job as a parent easier. Meet TweetPee, the combo of an app and a little bird that attaches to a diaper that tells you when your babies diaper is wet.

I don't think they make eye rolls big enough to express how I feel about this one, but I'm going to try


Seriously Huggies, are you fucking kidding me! The last thing we need is a device that encourages EVEN lazier parenting.

It REALLY isn't that difficult to pay enough attention to cute babies, often zonked out in a milk coma. 

DETACH from the virtual world, gaze into their adorable little eyes and change the flipping diaper when it needs to be changed.

Obviously Huggies is out to make a profit by getting parents to change diapers more often (which I agree some really SHOULD do) but how about selling a line of cloth diapers?

You know, those things that naturally allow parents and baby to know when diapers need to be changed more often. Those things that are not full of harmful chemicals. Those things that are not filling up landfills.

Between diapers that tweet and Google Goggles, even this tech lover feels like she is getting ready to meet John Connor and try to save the world.