To the Left, To the Left, To the Right, To the Right: It's Ultimate Blog Party Time!

Ultimate Blog Party 2013

Yes my friends it is time for the Ultimate Blog Party again! Hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom every year, this is one of all time favorite blogging events. Sadly I have to start my post off on a grouchy note before I get to the drinks and fun this year.

Last year I linked my blog on the specialty blog list in the number 3 spot. To my surprise, as I was visiting my fellow party folk, I found 90% of my party post copied word for word into the blog on the number 19 spot of the linky. Getting her to change her post was NOT fun and put a damper on the party.

So this year I would just like to point out that I do read blogs that are linked up in the party, please don't plagiarize my stuff. 

Now....on to the P A R T Y!

Before I introduce myself, you must see how we do things around here by viewing the video we made on New Year's Eve.

I'm Jess and I'm Cheap

Yeah, I said it, I'm cheap. So cheap that I wouldn't pay the $12 fee for JibJab to share the awesome disco video I made with you instead of the one above.

Not only am I cheap, I homeschool my kids, believe in extended breastfeeding, used cloth diapers on my kids and I think beer taste like piss. 


Okay, maybe not like piss, but I do think it is nasty. I'm a vodka girl. Vodka is my friend. I take that back, vodka was my friend, but has since left me to deal with the stress of our recent move without it. Bad vodka, bad! I'm going to cheat on you with Twisted Tea.

If you really want to know more about my oddness, check out my About Me page. Now, I want to share my bloggy home with you.

My blog post

Are not as great as though boob scarves but they are about as random as I am and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm a Disney freak, and even have a gallery devoted to some of our Disney photos.

I review stuff, mostly homeschool stuff, but other stuff too. I like stuff! Occasionally I rant about stuff like Common Core Standards, Always trying to make my hoo ha smell like a French whore and friends pissing me off.

Recently I've shared about about a webinar on heart health for student athletes that you can join in, right here at That Odd Mom, on April 9th and the awesome online blogging conference happening in May, The Blog Workshop.

I like giveaways too, but I don't have any for you at this exact moment, but, if you come back to my blog on April 8th you will find an awesome one for The Blog Workshop that you won't want to miss.

I'm trying to keep this post short and sweet, we all have lots of blogs to visit during this party after all, but I invite you to sign up for my post via email in the sidebar. They are only sent out once a week so that I don't annoy the crap out of you, but you know you won't miss a random moment of odd. 

Thanks for stopping by lovelies & remember the Ultimate Blog Party is happening for the next week, so share this photo with your friends and family and welcome to the party!