What Type of Influencer are You?

I love the work that WOMMA does for the arena of word of mouth marketing, but I feel like they missed a step when categorizing brand influencers in their 2013 Influencer Guidbook. 

You see, the guidebook is supposed to help marketers know which type of influencer to reach out to, what kind of return they can expect and how to work with them. But, there is clearly a whole category missing, a category that realizes that there is a whole group of influencers out there that encompass many of these categories simultaneously every day.

Personally, I am an advocate for many brands, particularly No Kid Hungry, while spreading influence as a citizen with my friends and family on top of being a professional blogger who happens to make money from my influence. 

So, how should a marketer approach me to profit from my influence? Do they look at me as a content creator, community trend setter or passionate speaker?  

They key to making any relationship work is to realize the value in it.

While, I do not always want monetary payment for my influence, I do wish large companies like WOMMA would realize that they cannot slap me into one little bubble and devalue the true potential of my voice.

What do you think, are mainstream marketers and PR firms still undervaluing the voice of the social savvy influencers of the blogoshere?