What You Loved in September - The Top 5 Post at That Odd Mom

Well, hello October! How the hell did you get here so fast? I swear I was just celebrating my oldest daughters 8th birthday in March. Has it really been six months since we last went to Disney? I think I just broke out into a nervous sweat! 

Alas, you are here, ready to usher in two birthdays and overpriced Halloween costumes while reminding me that Santa needs to get on the ball and put those little elves to work.

Before I dive into this first full month of fall, I want to revisit the five most popular post at That Odd Mom during September. 

Drum roll please.......your favorites are........ 

  1. A review of the fantastic reading fluency app, One Minute Reader.
  2. My application of a lovely Game of Thrones quote to the world of social media.
  3. A unit study based off of How to Train Your Dragon that uses a Brave Writer Arrow issue. 
  4. EEME hands-on electronic project kits for kids, awesome right! 
  5. How fish oil supplements help my son avoid the "bad days."