#WhatsInYourBeachBag I'm Sharing What I Put in Mine

Friday marks the official first day of summer and this Florida native is dying to get to the beach. We haven't been once this year and the waves and sand are calling to me. Since I can't go yet, so I decided to share the items that always make into my beach bag and I'm hoping you'll do the same. 

1. A Beach Blanket or Mat - I hate lugging heavy chairs down to the beach so I like to bring along a blanket or mat to lay on. 

2. Coppertone Kids - Even though my kids tan like me, I still like to slather them up with some super SPF and Coppertone is our fave. 

3. Carmex - No one wants shriveled up salt water lips, pack the good stuff (psstt...it has SPF) and keep them hydrated. 

4. Adidas Flops - I LOVE my cheap dollar store flops for almost every occasion, but I learned the hard way that they do not cooperate well with walking in wet sand. They break and you look like a fool. Good sandals are a must. 

5. Beach Toys - Ones that stack together so they are easier to carry are the best. 

6. Towels - Somehow I miraculously cram enough towels in my bag for all five of us when when we go. 

7. Water Bottles - Must I really say more? 


Tell me, what are your beach bag essentials? What do you always take with you in your bag that I should too?