When Homeschooling Makes you Feel Crazy!

I'm not entirely convinced that people actually "read" my blog, but if you do and you've wondered why I played a disappearing act for the last week, I have one word for you. Curriculum!

Was There a Weekend Last Week?

I literally spent ALL day Friday, most of the day Saturday and Sunday and all day again Monday pouring over curriculum options. Putting items in carts and taking them out again at least 30 times.

I made list upon list while trying to make my decision and not only did I begin to feel like I was losing my mind, I'm pretty sure my family thought I was certifiable too.

What have I accomplished in all of this time, JACK! Here are the reasons why.

  1. Matt is reading at the 5th grade level with a 7th grade level vocabulary but is still struggling to get past 1st grade writing and spelling. He is in 4th grade.
  2. I REALLY like the curriculum at Memoria Press, but my kids would need bits and pieces from multiple grade levels to make it work and then I'm losing the benefit of their well planned lesson plans.
  3. I'm a tight wad. I know cost shouldn't matter when it comes to my children's education. But, I just can't get myself to fork over the $500+ for everything that I really want for all three kids.
  4. We are not Christians, in fact we are not religious, we are agnostic. The curriculum that falls in line with my educational philosophies tends to be very Christian though.
  5. Then there is the fact of, when is a good time to start teaching my children the various religions in depth so that they can make their own informed decision about their faith when the time comes.

Even after taking a day off from the madness I just want to scream at the top of my lungs. I'm not sure what I will decide, but for now, I signed the big two back up for Time4Learning. We used the program two years ago, so I'm okay with hopping on board for a little bit again until I make up my mind and we get through our moving chaos.

Do you want to help feed my insanity and cart filling? Tell me about your favorite curriculum choices.

  • math program for kids having trouble memorizing the basic facts
  • phonics/reading for a child that treats phonics like the plague and insist on learning with sight words at a snails pace
  • spelling for a child that has trouble memorizing ( autism spectrum )
  • writing/grammar for a child that WILL NOT write in proper case