When the Twerking is Done . . .

Most of you are in a huge uproar over Miley's VMA twerking performance. I watched and thought, ehhh....it really wasn't that raunchy. Embarrassing, Yes! Desperate, Yes! If you want raunchy, check your local primetime TV listings, they have raunchy covered these days.

 You see at 16 I was Miley. Only I wasn't on a platform for the world to see.  

I twerked before twerking was cool and that was one of the milder things I crossed off the rebellious teenage girl list before I turned 18.  

I don't regret any of my crazy antics because I don't believe in regrets. We all choose our own paths and there is no sense in wondering what if because for most of us there positive moments out way the negative in spades. 

I knew early on that family was more important to me than a career and my path led me to my amazing husband at an early age and to my family that I adore.  

If I could, I would thank my teenage self for being a dumb shit, because if I wasn't I wouldn't be where I am today. 

But not everyone grows up. They don't all figure out that they are being dumb shits (I know plenty of people I went to highschool with that would be perfect for a case study.) 

So while I understand why Miley is doing what she is doing, I wonder if she has plan? Where will she be when the twerking is done?  Will she grow up and find strength in her idiot choices or will she join the ranks of lost boys with a revolving pass for rehab?


I'm personally rooting for Miley to grow up and call her former self a dumb shit just like me. 

And because you can't post these days without something to pin and I don't care to share any of the pics of the VMA moment, check out this awesome video before you go instead!