When You Just Need Silence

I haven't written anything here in almost two weeks. In all honesty, I have been on overload and just needed quiet. Since it wasn't happening in my home, the next best thing was to quiet my mind by giving myself permission to put the blog on hold.

Despite that the last two weekends were host to a holiday and our eleventh wedding anniersary, the last 11 days seem like a haze. I'm not going to go into ALL of the details why I needed a break, but I'll give you the short list of what has had my mind in the mush state.

  1. Taking on extra household chores while the hubs studies for an upcoming important test.
  2. Being extra supportive of the hubs for said test that begins tomorrow.
  3. Almost daily full blown meltdowns by son.
  4. A four year old who had her sleeping schedule completely out of whack for a day.
  5. And because I'm still moving some muck along . . . I can't even remember it all.

I LOVE to write, but sometimes you just need to silence the thoughts and leave them for another day. I'm glad I did!