Why My Family Avoids Me

I wear shorts (really short and comfy ones) and jeans (yes even those really tight skinny jeans.)

I like them. They are clothes, something we put on our body because past society decided it was “proper” to cover ourselves. Quite frankly, I’d rather go nude if that was the norm.

It is the rare occasion that you catch me in a dress or skirt these days and you should consider yourself pretty lucky if you’re the one to talk me into it.

I have a potty mouth.

Yep, that’s right folks bad words often leave my lips without hesitation and you want to know why, because it is only your perception that defines something, such as a word, as being “bad.”

Really, it could have been declared centuries ago that one should not utter the word “rose” and it could now be considered foul language. Language is language, a tool for expressing one’s self and how you take in that language is simply your own perception that you have created based on the culture around you.

I’m going to keep using those so-called “naughty” words and even GASP allow my children to be exposed to them at times.

I drink and LIKE alcohol.

Well, to be precise, I really enjoy vodka. Am I an alcoholic or a drunk, no. Do I drink every day, no. I do enjoy the occasional drink and have no intentions to stop doing so.

Please don’t tell me I’m doing something “wrong” because of it. If you would like me to give up alcohol because it affects my body and mind kindly give up most of the food and drinks in your home that are chock full of preservatives, chemicals, and all that other bad stuff while you’re at it.

I like ALL kinds of music, country, oldies, classic rock, pop, classical and more.

Music feeds my soul and I have a different genre for every mood. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the occasional classic hymn, but I’m not keeping my radio tuned to “Kid Friendly” only channels.

I don’t think music corrupts you, is evil or any of the other nonsense, it is simply an art and one that I plan to fully expose my children to for all of its beauty.

I did not include “to honor and obey” in our wedding vows.

Neither my husband nor I believe that the outdated line held any merit in our marriage.

I will not vow to forever honor and obey someone and do not expect him to do the same for me. What if you come to a place when that partner no longer deserves honor from you?

As for the obeying part, well, I’m stubborn and stuck in my beliefs that include that no person should be made to obey someone that they have taken as their equal.

My husband and I were not married in a church or by a preacher, pastor etc

In fact, we were married by a WOMAN (gasp.)

I don’t need to take classes at a church or have the approval of church and its leader to follow through with one of the most important decisions of my life. My heart is the true measure in deciding on my marriage and beyond our vows to each other, the rest of it was just a motion.

My children have not been baptized nor do I take them to church.

I do not feel ANY religious choice should be pushed upon a child. Childhood is a time for them to explore what religion is, why people have made the choices they have and gather the information they need to make their own important religious and spiritual choices when they mature into adulthood. Instead, I am providing my children with an education of all religious and spiritual beliefs of the world and opening their hearts to choose for themselves when the time comes.

I do not go to church.

Okay, sure I will go if attending a wedding or other special event, but you will not find me there on Sunday mornings, for bible study or any other organized religious function.

I do not believe in the Bible.

Pick yourself up off the floor and take a deep breath. Ready?

I do believe, that like all books, the Bible has its merits, but I do not accept to be entirely factual, nor do I base my spiritual beliefs upon it.

The Top Ten reason why my family avoids me like the plague…dum…dum…dum…I’m not a Christian!

A good way to get a big red X painted on your back by your family when they are devout evangelist.

The simple truth, I am a happy earth loving agnostic.

I am a very spiritual person who believes in respecting the earth, spiritual beings on this earth, karma, fate and all of that good stuff.

When asked what I believe “My Purpose” in this life is, you will get a simple response,

“To live a full and happy life respecting and caring for every living thing around me.”

I am not meant to understand WHERE we came from or WHERE we are going when this life is through. Life is Life, and I am who I am.

I am at a place where I can happily coexist with those with differing viewpoints and beliefs from my own, but it is obvious this world is far from that existence being the norm.

Are you the Odd one in your bunch too? Why does your family avoid you?

Photo Credit: Jpbarrass at English Wikipedia