Winn-Dixie Sharing the Savings Love with New eCoupons


I’m not frugal, savings or coupon blogger so I rarely share post of that nature, but when it comes to saving on my groceries, Winn-Dixie rocks my world. So when I got the press release in in-box today telling me about the new eCoupons, I knew I had to share the news with you.

Winn-Dixie eCoupons.PNG

Why eCoupons?

I’m not an extreme couponer by any means, but I do have weeks that I clip like a mad woman and leave the person standing behind in the checkout line rolling their eyes. I love the savings, what I don’t love is having to remember to buy the Sunday paper, print and cut online coupons or watch the poor person running the register fight with coupons that don’t want to scan.

With the option of loading eCoupons directly on to Winn-Dixie reward card, I get to worry a lot less about the hassles and focus on the savings.

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How do the Winn-Dixie eCoupons work?

It’s easy, go to and sign into your account, or create one. Once logged in, register your rewards card to your account. After that all you have to is visit the eCoupons page, pick the coupons you want and load up to 99 of them at a time on to your card.

Winn-Dixie will track the coupons you have loaded, redeemed and even the ones that have expired on you. With savings like $1.00 of a 2 liter of a Coca-Cola product, the process is way too easy to miss out!

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eCoupons are Just One Way Winn-Dixie Rocks!

Don’t forget while you’re at to check the weekly ad for all of the current savings, find out what the current Fuel Perks are, create your personalized shopping lists and search for recipes, meal deals and other weekly promotions.

*I was not asked to, nor was I compensated to, write this post. I receive press releases and other updates from Winn-Dixie because I think they are awesome. From time to time, I share the information and opinions, that are 100% my own, with you just in case you think Winn-Dixie is awesome too!