You’ve Ruined My Entire Life!

Those are the words that my 10 year old son, Matt, screamed at me while tears streamed down his face Sunday afternoon. At that moment, I was still full of anger but I suddenly felt like the worst mom in world. What had I just done? Did I really just snap and say that to my kid? I had, but luckily, he would forgive me.

It Started with a Mess

The kids have been HORRIBLE about picking up after themselves lately. The girls more so than Matt, but then he tries to get out of it because they are not doing their fair share. Sunday afternoon had all of us stressed out, with constant nagging. What should have taken the kids no more than 15 minutes to clean up, was drug out across two hours.

The Trigger

I finally gave up nagging and went to the kitchen to wash the dishes. Five minutes in and my 7-year-old shouts out to me that Matt has thrown his Furby in the trash. I immediately filled with rage, but calmly told him to remove it from the trash. He refused, stating that he was tired up picking stuff up, he would rather just throw it all always.

Why the Furby?

Any other toy and I may have kept my cool, but the Furby? One of three Furby’s that “Santa” got the kids for Christmas. A Furby that cost over $50! A Furby that severly limited the rest of our Christmas budget! The Furby that I got because out of all the toys on the kids wish list, this was the one they wanted the most. I couldn’t keep my anger over his complete lack of appreciation contained.

My Crappy Parenting Moment

I grabbed Matt by the arm, ushered him to the bedroom away from the girls, and blurted out, “Who do you really think buys those toys from Santa?” I saw his eyes get big and the sadness flood in as the hubs cut me off in disbelief of what I had just done. The only defense I have for my actions is that he is 10 and I honestly thought that he knew and just wouldn’t say anything so that the Santa presents would still come. It is a crappy defense though.

After a Long Cry

We had a heart to heart about what both of us had done. I apologized for breaking the news of the Jolly Old St. Nick that way and explained how upset it made me that he was throwing away toys that just two months ago were SO important to him.

Moral of the Story: Remember to count to 10 and control your anger. There are times when we think our children are ready to hear things when it couldn’t be further from the truth.