Planning a Birthday Party for a Little #SUBWAYfan

We are at t-minus 48 hours and 39 minutes as I write this post until we will be celebrating my first born baby’s 10th birthday. I can’t help but tear up knowing that my first little bean is going into the double digits and that is just one of the reasons why we wanted to make his birthday party one to remember and SUBWAY has helped to make that possible.

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Book Review: Once Upon a Castle

Once Upon a Castle
By Alan S. Blood

Once Upon a Castle by Alan S. Blood
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Once Upon a Castle transports children to England in 1939 and weaves facts into a ghost story revolving around a mysterious castle beautifully. I immediately fell in love with the story as I read and realized that the writer had not watered down his choice of words for the intended audience. The vocabulary is rich and descriptive, pulling you in.

I wish I could have given the story five stars, but I felt the story was underdeveloped in the end, leaving out details and it ended too hastily. I feel that with a little more explanation of the ghost story itself it would be perfect. Perhaps even knowing there was sequel that continues the children’s escapades and ties up the unanswered questions would suffice.

From a child’s perspective, my 9-year-old son completed chapter one grinning from ear to ear after I assigned it to him for daily homeschool reading. He then informed me that he couldn’t wait to read more.

Notes for Homeschoolers & Parents: The word “damn” is used twice within the text, many locations are noted throughout the text providing an excellent opportunity to map them after reading each chapter. There is more than an adequate amount of vocabulary words for your child throughout the text. I would suggest pre-reading and choosing words to discuss with your child before each chapter. I personally highlighted each word in Kindle ahead of time for my son to review while reading and asked him to highlight any others that he was unsure of.

*I received a copy of Once Upon a Castle from the LibraryThing Member Giveaway program. Opinions are 100% my own.

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Favorite Holiday Recipes & Memories

Celebrating during the holiday season is different for every family, but what most have in common is a love of food and celebrating local flavors with favorite holiday recipes. Often times our favorite recipes have been passed down through multiple generations and those special ingredients are able to help us create memories that last a lifetime.

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