Incorporate Fun into Your Homeschool Day

Routines are great, but sometimes even the best of us get into a homeschool rut with them and all of the fun is suddenly drained from our days. Here are 5 great ways to add some fun to homeschool days and keep your kids engaged.

 1. Skip Narration and Give them Some Clay

Whether your household is fond of notebooking, oral narration or even book reports, put them aside for a day. Instead, hand your kids some clay, kinetic sand or even some homemade play-dough and allow them to model a read aloud as they listen. 

2. Have a Movie Day

Movies offer us the opportunity to cover literary themes, history, science and more under the guise of entertainment. If everyone is on edge, drop the books, pop some popcorn and spend a day secretly weaving in some learning moments with some much-needed downtime.

3. Break Out the Games

Keep a stash of games with quick play times and a schedule a time play every day. Our favorite time to play is late afternoon when we are transitioning from learning to family chores. It's a great way to get the kids in a good mood before tackling things like the dreaded litter box.

4. Add Some Trivia to Your Day

I know, your probably thinking, "how is that fun?" Well, trivia can be lots of fun if you make it so. You can play along with Jeopardy, make your own Jeopardy at home or try one our favorites, Brian Brain's National Curriculum, where the kids go head to head with the adults.

5. Include More Art

You don't have to be great at art to make it a regular contributor to your homeschool days. There are tons of great drawing tutorials on YouTube and just 15 minutes a day could be a welcomed break. You also mash art and literature with Draw Me Story and Art Story on Amazon Prime. Or, Perhaps you need to lighten up math, in which case there are multiple books on Math Art.

I hope these five options help you get started in adding some fun to your homeschool day. For even more ideas, you could include favorites from Brave Writer, like Poetry Tea Time and Party School. Make sure you visit the Brave Writer Blog more tips and encouragement from Julie!

So do the things you know are good for all of you, trust these activities to teach and nourish your family, believe in the power of a well-rounded life. Then watch the unfolding of amazing lives—lives you’ve had the privilege to shape and love.

That’s the homeschool you believe in. So live it!
— - Julie Bogart, Brave Writer