An Odd Mom's 2015 Bucket List

Well, even though my bucket list from last year pretty much kicked the bucket, I'm at at it again this year. It is nice to have things to aspire for even if we can't make them fit into the path that our life is currently taking.

Before I share my list for the new year, I want to share the few things I managed to cross of my 2014 bucket list.

  1. Call my grandmother more often! - Even if I called her a little buzzed up once and a while, I remembered to call and I won't regret not talking to her enough in years to come.
  2. The Lowes credit card is payed off, woo hoo!!!
  3. Continue to encourage my mom as she tries to move towards a healthier lifestyle. - Even though I think I'm starting to get on her nerves, done and done!
  4. Keep That Odd Mom out of the red EVERY month. - I'm thinking I'm not going to enjoy tax time, but yes I accomplished this one.
  5. Find my voice again and get out of this writer's block-funk that I have been in for far too long. - It took a six month break, but I did it!
  6. Create an office space in the house - So GLAD this one was accomplished
  7. Write a story with my children - I will do this one over and over again, so much fun!

Now, on to 2015.....the year in which I have to decided to make word "FOCUS." I am so easily distracted and quickly lose sight of something that was important to me when a new shiny object is dangled in front of me. So, this year I will focus on family, focus on my goals, focus on me, focus of love, focus on get the picture. Whatever it is I set out to do this year, at all times I am going to make a point to FOCUS and give it my undivided attention in that moment. So what is it I want to do???

                              Copyright:  123rf Stock Photos

                              Copyright: 123rf Stock Photos

  1. For what feels like the millionth year in a row, make Odd Mom Media official.
  2. Learn to make Lo Mein.
  3. Visit Washington D.C.
  4. Take a REAL vacation 
  5. Still trying to touch my toes.
  6. Throw a snowball at my husband!
  7. Complete Baby Step 1 and start an emergency fund.
  8. Pay off the credit card.
  9. Pay off a loan.
  10. Pay off Dell.
  11. Do a HAPPY Dance because we are almost debt free!!! I might even let the kids record me on this one.
  12. Learn to knit.
  13. Learn to sew so I can help Ema follow her passion.
  14. Learn to program so I can help Matt with his passion.
  15. Take a Yoga class with Ali.
  16. Find a new hobby and enjoy it.
  17. Visit with all of our parents/grandparents.
  18. Sing until I can't sing anymore, even if the kids are pleading with me to stop!
  19. Complete an online course.
  20. Read 52 books, not including read aloud selections for the kids.

There you have it, my 2015 bucket list. How do you head into the new year; resolutions, goals, a bucket list or something else? Please share!