#CancerSucks but People Can be Kind of Awesome

It was a little over a week ago when we found out that the hubs grandmother, Meme as everyone so affectionately calls her, had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer of the liver and pancreas. Those words were brutal for our family to hear. We are so far away and want to spend every precious minute with Meme, soaking up her smile and love, that we can.

It is true what they say about the matriarch of a family, they are the rock, the glue that binds everyone together, and it makes it that much harder when something like cancer comes along.

It has been almost 14 years since my granny passed away and there isn't a week that goes by without me thinking about her. I will always remember the last conversation with her and the fact that she passed away knowing we were all going to be okay. 

Well, right now, the roles are reversed and the family wants Meme and Papa to know that everything will be okay by providing them financial support in time when it truly is needed. They have set up a Go Fund Me page to help assist them during this time and I would truly appreciate it if you had a even $5 to spare to help out.

From my sister-in-law, Rebecca Parmer

On June 4, 2015 my family received the devastating news that our Meme (Joan Hill) has been diagnosed with terminal stage 4 pancreatic/liver cancer. The Dr’s have given her 6 months to one year left on this earth to bless us with her presence and love.

Hearing this terrible diagnosis has sent our entire family and friends on a roller coaster ride of emotions and has left us all worrying not only about her health, but also the health of her loving husband, my Papa (Ron Hill). They have been married for 47 years now and never thought that their time together would be cut short by such a terrible disease. My Meme is sick and she and my Papa need our help.

Meme is 75 years old and has continued to work up until this point to provide insurance and a source of income for the two of them. My Papa is 78 and is disabled and unable to work, which leaves them both without a steady source of income.

Meme has been placed in to Hospice and my Papa will be her main caretaker besides the nurses that will stop by intermittently. They do not have a large savings account and what they do have will diminish quickly as they pay their rent (they do not own the apartment they live in), buy groceries, prescriptions, car insurance, basic laundry service (my Papa won’t leave her alone in their apartment for long periods of time and they do not have a washer and dryer in their unit) and unfortunately, their savings will help to pay for her cremation.

Many friends and family members have said “If there is anything I can do... please let me know”. Well.... here it is. THIS is what we can do. Meme and Papa are our world and she has been our family’s “rock” as long as I can remember. To think of her no longer being with us, is truly heart breaking for us all. If you can help, in any way, PLEASE help.... help us take care of our Meme while she is here.... and to help take care of our Papa after she is gone. ALL of these donations will go to them directly, Ron and Joan Hill.

I've told you why #CancerSucks but your probably still wondering how people can be kind of awesome. Well, Florida's Fresh Grill in Cocoa Beach has offered to donate $1 to Meme and Papa's Go Fund Me for every Avocado Crab Tower sold during the month of June!

So if you are in the Cocoa Beach area or now someone that will be, help spread the word that when they decide to head out for lunch or dinner, they have a tasty seafood meal here and help out a great cause.