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Matt has one of those loft style bunk beds that has the desk underneath it. On the desk you will find a collection of trinkets, Minecraft books, coding manuals, his xbox, PC and a lamp. The lamp is necessary, because the bed above blocks out most of the light from above, but we always had the issue of the light bulb getting too hot underneath his mattress.

When our CREE 60 watt LED bulb arrived he ooohhhhed and aaaahhhhed over it for about 15 minute minutes before running upstairs to put it in his lamp. Not only does it put off the perfect amount of light, but it emits virtually NO heat, so it is perfect for his under the bed set up.

BONUS - Every other type of bulb that we had put in this lamp kept blowing after about a month, the CREE bulb is still going strong two months later.

An F.A.Q. with CREE

1. What is Cree announcing? 

The lighting industry and the way people use light changes forever with the introduction of the Cree® LED bulb.  For the first time, the new Cree LED bulbs provide a compelling reason to switch from energy wasting incandescent to LED. The revolutionary LED bulbs demonstrate how something as simple as lighting can have a profound effect on how people live their life. The new Cree LED bulb is what everyone has been waiting for – a bulb that looks like an incandescent, lights like an incandescent, uses a fraction of the energy, lasts for years and is at a price people can afford.     

2. Why did Cree invent and deliver the breakthrough bulb to consumers? 

Thomas Edison said, “There’s a better way to do it. Find it.”  Cree took that challenge to heart with a great, simple, timeless design made possible through relentless LED innovation.  Inventing the LED technology that delivers light like an incandescent was hard work, but designing a bulb in a form-factor that consumers trust at a price they can afford was even harder. 


Designed with Cree LED Filament Tower™ Technology, the Cree LED bulb represents a breakthrough in LED bulb design and performance. Unlike the large, dull glow produced by CFLs and other LED bulbs, the Cree LED Filament Tower creates the same nuance and visual texture as a traditional incandescent bulb by emulating the compact light source of an incandescent filament.   

3. What makes this a breakthrough product for Cree and the lighting industry? 

Until the introduction of the Cree LED bulb, consumers had few options. They could keep using incandescent bulbs that provide high quality light, but waste energy and therefore cost money every minute they are used.  Or they could opt for flawed alternatives. Until today existing LED 
bulbs could fall into two categories; good light, but expensive – or poor light, but cheaper. In all cases, they failed the consumer. 

Cree solved the problem!  Cree LED bulbs with the Cree Filament Tower Technology breaks the $10 price barrier, looks like a typical light bulb, but works better. Cree LED bulbs save 84 percent of the energy compared to typical incandescent bulbs, are designed to last 25 times longer and come with an industry leading 10 year limited warranty.   

4. Why is the Cree LED Bulb revolutionary? 

The new Cree LED bulbs provide consumers what they’re looking for in a light bulb: 

  • A form-factor that looks like the incandescent they’re use to  
  • A bulb that produces the warm, beautiful, omni-directional light they like  
  • An affordable price   An energy savings of 84 percent compared to the incandescent bulbs they replace  
  • A 25,000 hour lifetime; 25 times longer than a typical incandescent.   

5. Why is Cree entering the consumer lighting market?  

Cree’s mission is to obsolete energy wasting light bulbs and drive 100% adoption of LED lighting. Engaging the consumer as an ally is an important factor to realizing this mission. In our relentless efforts to innovate and improve LED lighting, we developed a breakthrough that allowed us to overcome fundamental obstacles to consumer adoption of the LED light bulb – great light quality in a simple design at an affordable price.   

Cree has a long and successful history of pushing the LED lighting market when it isn’t moving fast enough. The new Cree LED bulb showcases innovations across LED chips and components, optics technology, systems and overall bulb design.  The result is a high quality, long lasting, affordable LED bulb that consumers can trust to replace their existing incandescent.  

The Cree LED bulb gives consumers a reason to switch.  We believe this breakthrough LED bulb will, for the first time, motivate consumers to upgrade the billions of energy-wasting light bulbs installed in their homes. 

You can learn more about CREE and join their insiders program at or look for them on Twitter and Facebook.

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Posted by Cree on Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I was selected as a Klout influencers to receive the New 60 Watt Replacement Cree LED Bulb in Soft White. Opinions are 100% my own.