Dumb, Neglectful and Not Capable of Being a Parent

Words and phases, among many, used to describe me and others like me as vaccinations are catapulted back into the spotlight this week after the Disneyland Measles outbreak.

     Because I do not vaccinate, I must be dumb and uninformed.

     Because I do not vaccinate, I must be neglecting my child's needs.

     Because I do not vaccinate, I am not capable of caring for my children.

Luckily, I have a thick skin and while it irritates me that people jump to judgmental name calling when debating hot topics, it still doesn't sway my opinion. Why?

I am not dumb or uninformed. I have spent the last decade educating myself on vaccinations, their history, ingredients, long term effects when considering the 60+ that are injected into children, their effect on the immune system and more.

I am not neglectful because I choose not to vaccinate. Quite the opposite, I am providing MY children with THEIR best care by choosing what I believe as THEIR parent to be in THEIR best interest.

I am more than capable of caring for my children. I am the one that managed on four hours of sleep for days at a time while trying to calm a baby with night terrors, again and again. I am the one that consoled the baby that ran high fevers, requiring Motrin before the age of two, after vaccinations. I am the one who watched my toddler fall developmentally backwards after receiving vaccinations. I am the one who sat and cried as my toddler became uncontrollably violent, harming himself, after a round of vaccinations. I am the one that rushed my toddler to the ER with a 106 fever and a febral seizure. I am the one that was told my toddler had too many antibiotics and if he were to get sick again they didn't know what they would do.

I am the one that made the decision to STOP the vaccinations and give my child's health and development a fighting chance.

Do I believe the vaccinations caused my son to be the Autism spectrum, no. I do however believe that combination of drugs and chemicals in them put the spotlight on, what I believe to be genetic misfires, triggering them faster. I also believe the vaccinations contributed to weakening his immune system, yes.

Guess what, this is how I feel about vaccinations. I have lived with how my child reacted to them and have to live with the fact that I allowed it to happen everyday. This doesn't make me dumb, neglectful or unfit. It makes me a parent, just like any other parent, choosing what it is best for my children.

I no longer jump in social media or even family conversations about vaccinations anymore, because I'v realized people will continue to be judgmental and accusatory until they have experienced the same as you. Since I would NEVER wish what my child went through unto another, I will just continue to hope, that one day we can learn to be more understanding of the choices that others make and look beyond our own experiences before placing judgement upon them.