Instant Gratification and the Ass Hats of Comic Con

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MTF Rant! People Are Abusing ADA Services For The Handicapped And Disabled At Comic Con To Get In Before The Public! →

:::Grumble Grumble…Groan….ASSHOLES!!!:::

I’m sorry, but I don’t have a lady like response for this. We’ve all heard the big story of people abusing the ADA system at Disney which ultimately led to an overhaul that made it MORE difficult for those that really need it.

As a mother to a child that would benefit from these services I can’t find any response other than anger.

There have been so many times that we have passed up experiences because our son couldn’t handle the wait or the crowd. We could utilize ADA services, but we choose to leave them for those that need them even more.

Then you get these ass hats that don’t even need them, abusing the system, just so they can jump ahead in line.

I’m not sure when our society gravitated so much towards instant gratification and entitlement, but it needs to change! 

Go read the post and if you find a way to help change the system that doesn’t hurt those that truly need the services, do something!