Khan Academy and Common Core

While I am a strongly against the Common Core State Standards, I will not abandon Khan Academy because of their correlation and I want to tell you why.

I am a strong believer in delayed mathematics for children. This is just one of the many reasons why I believe the Common Core standards are a bunch of crap. However, this does not negate the fact that the math portion of Khan Academy is an invaluable resource for children that thrive on being able to work independently and in an environment suitable for visual and auditory learners.

My son thrives when he is able to use the computer as his primary learning resource. Khan Academy makes him want to learn math; something that no other curriculum or program has been able to do in his six years of previous home education.

So in this instance, the best tool to facilitate his learning, just happens to be one that is a strong supporter of Common Core. 

By associating themselves with Common Core, Khan Academy has also provided our family with more to work with then they previously offered. The available math content has rapidly expanded (and continues to grow) providing lessons that now cover virtually every elementary math topic, clearly divided by subtopic and skill. This makes it so much easier for your child to work on just what they need at the time. 

While the standards may be common, we know that students are not — they each have their own learning journey. This is why we are committed to personalized learning that lets students practice what they most need help on, at their own pace, at absolutely no cost.
— Sal Khan Founder and Executive Director of Khan Academy

The key word in the quote above is free. In choosing to utilize this particular learning tool I am not contributing to monetary gain of those pushing Common Core in any way.

Does that mean that my loathing for Common Core has dissipated at all? No. Does it mean that I will seek out other Common Core correlated materials for him. No. It simply means that I value my role as his learning facilitator and his education more than I despise every facet that is the Common Core State Standards. 

I will continue to fight to remove the standards from our education system, but I encourage everyone that is in this fight with me to really weigh out the benefits vs. your principals when evaluating a learning tool for your own children.

Remember that you are in this fight because you have your child's best interest at heart. Depriving them of a tool that may accelerate their progress simply because it is promoting something you are against is just silly.