Chilled Thai Corn Soup Recipe

Nothing screams soup more like grey dreary days and cooler temps and I adore it. I could eat soup everyday. There's just one problem, my husband is not really fan. Sure, he likes chili, thick and creamy soups and the occasional good batch of chicken noodle, but mostly I get side eye when he finds out soup is on the menu.

I want to get creative and try some new soups out, like the Chilled Thai Corn Soup from Whole Foods, but I know my family, they don't do new well. Though, when I made chicken corn chowder in fresh baked bread bowls a few weeks ago every bit was gobbled up. I might have some hope one day. For now, I can at least share the recipe with you.

Chilled Thai Corn Soup

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Our Menu for the Week

Well, it doesn't sound nearly as exotic or tasty as that soup does and there is no soup, but it will do the trick. For breakfast we have pancakes, waffles, oatmeal, grits, eggs, toast, fresh fruit, cold cereal, bacon and turkey bacon. Lunch is leftovers, salads or sandwiches. 

MONDAY - Baked salmon with lemon butter dill sauce, baked potatoes and salad.

TUESDAY - Taco Tuesday with topping bar!

WEDNESDAY - Curry chicken with peas and rice.

THURSDAY - Spaghetti and salad

FRIDAY - Ham, sweet potatoes and speckled butter beans.

SATURDAY - Leftover Buffet

SUNDAY - Great northern beans with ham and fresh rolls.

Now I get to spend the next week scouring the internet for soup recipes that I think my family might actually enjoy. I'm going to start with the Menu Plan Monday link-up over at I'm an Organizing Junkie