No One Wants a Boring Hero So Suck It Up WWE Fans

Like many, I watched the Royal Rumble on the WWE Network, along with my family last night. We all have our favorites, Adam and Matt were rooting for Lesnar in the championship match while Ema and myself were cheering on Cena. One thing we all agreed upon, Rollins is a little weasel.

The point, even in our own home, there are highs and lows dependent on who comes out on top at each event. We each, particularly the kids, have our heroes, the WWE superstars we root for. 

We were even more distant in our choices for who would come out on top of the Royal Rumble match. A vote for Ambrose, Reigns and Sin Cara and two for Daniel Bryan. Rooting on our hopeful victor is fun, it adds to the entertainment value of the show. Can you imagine if your chosen WWE superstar, your hero ALWAYS won. What a boring life that would be.

Apparently though, that is how many fans of the WWE feel as they took to twitter last night sending the hashtag #CancelWWENetwork to the number one spot trending worldwide. Why, because they were not satisfied with Reigns coming out on top. They wanted Daniel Bryan to head back to Wrestlemania and nothing else will do. So they are stomping their feet like angry toddlers and cancelling their network subscription.

*Crazy note - It is STILL Trending due to a possible cancellation of RAW because of a BLIZZARD - aka ....people can real entitled douche canoes!

Really, can you imagine if superheroes always stayed on top, if they never struggled to overcome the villains. The stories would be flat and lack any real connection with the fans. So why is it the WWE expect that from the creative team? Not to mention the fact that it was at the Royal Rumble last year that fans booed and rejected the winner, Batista while chanting "We want Reigns." Really people, make up your flipping minds!

Sure, the story lines are lacking some weeks or get repetitive, but the one thing the WWE gets right consistently is building up our heroes and giving us a reason to cheer for them again and again. I've had some great conversations with my 12 year old about the story arcs and the importance of how the plots are developed to keep us engaged (just don't tell his daddy, he thinks I'm crushing fairy tale, like Santa Clause.)

I was happy to see Roman Reigns win his shot at the title. I was happy to show my kids that hard work pays off. I am happy to be a WWE Mom and I will happily continue my subscription to the WWE Network and encourage you to do the same.