#NowPlaying - I Can't Adult Right Now, Please Don't Make Me

Image via  laughtard.com

Image via laughtard.com

Surely you have seen this ridiculously cute meme from LaughTard going around the last month or so right? It is perfect for those days that you are staring at the sink of dirty dishes while wondering which kid is purposely going to annoy the bejesus out of another for NO apparent reason. You start searching for your hidden chocolate bar and hope you can escape the grown up world with a hot bath or big cup of wine for at least five minutes.

No, is it just me?

I've been a perpetual state of "I can't adult" for over a week now. Don't worry, there isn't a science experiment waiting to happen in the kitchen and I only baked brownies late at night once. But, I have been neglecting this blog, writing multiple drafts and setting them to the side. 

In honor of apparent inability to string together some coherent thought (that doesn't involve a cute animal) and childlike impatience for the next Guardians of the Galaxy movie, I'm sharing my favorite songs from My Awesome Mixtape, Vol. 1 with you.

Because accepting that the world is full is strange people is clearly a great reason to not adult!

One innocent little lip sync session and you convinced your kids that can't adult too.

And then you play this one, hear "Hey I know that song, it's from the Halloween commercials," and your kids have convinced you that not only are you an adult, but you are getting flipping old.

Take some time and lick cruel wounds inflicted by those innocent little faces that mock your age with a little blues.

Finally, in remembrance of the recently passed Ben E. King, Stand By Me, stop whining, grab some wine, hit shuffle on the playlist and let's rejoin the land of the grown-ups!