Our Odd Month in Review: Breath in the Good

Today was the first day I looked at this blog in three weeks. At the height of the ugliness surrounding vaccinations and the measles I decided I needed to stay away and avoid social media. I needed to stay gone, avoid the nastiness and lack of compassion that was exploding everywhere. I needed to just breath in the good before general dislike of people turned into an anger that consumed me.

The vaccine debate is still alive, but I've surrounded my soul with the best of all, my kids enjoying life. I'm ready to share those stories again without feeling like I've plastered our choices on jumbo trons for free for all persecution.

While I was away I was happy notice Michelle from The Heart of Michelle sharing The Homeschool Mother's Journal link-up, so I've added my post to line-up this week.

In my life this month

I did a happy dance in my head after paying off one of two credit cards and establishing a short term emergency fund. That Much Closer to Debt Free! YES!

I helped my children build their first snowman. Watched them flop in a fluffy pile of snow for the first time and make snow angels and had a permanent smile as I watched my husband, just as excited as the kids, play in the snow for the first time in his life.

I tried sushi again. I actually LOVED the sushi this time. If the restaurant wasn't 40 minutes away, I would request a plate full along with some dumplings and dim sum once a week.

In our homeschool this month…

I realized that I'm still struggling, seriously struggling, to find a good way to document the kids learning for our portfolio. I do not require worksheets or "book work," and the bulk of their math is online. This makes it so hard to show that they are learning to the powers that be. I can jot down everything they do and journal my thoughts, sure, but I don't have much in the way of proof. Sigh.

Regardless, we carry on with our unschoolish way of things and the kids have actually begged for more Brian's Brain trivia and Becoming Human (Evolution series) over the past month. They have also had a blast trying out acrylic and oil paints for the fist time and watching a documentary on whether or not plants can think and have feelings. It was really good!

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…

Even though I've always been a firm believer that children will read when they are ready, I wasn't a quick to apply the same thinking to mathematics. If your child seems to be slow and math and "struggling" I highly suggest reading The Teaching of Arithmetic I: The Story of an experiment. If you are already on the path of realizing that children learn more when left to engage in their passions and to develop and need to learn, this study will be the kick-start you need to loosen the reigns in the math department.

My current favorite resources for a gentle math approach are the Family Math series, Math Chef, Brian's Brain trivia (Audible) along with living math books and real life conversations around math.

Things I’m working on

A very late review of Apothecary Tea Tree Oil. Look for it this week!

Something I am ogling or have my eye on ----->


That's it for now as I need to stop reminiscing about how much I've enjoyed this past month, get my butt in gear, and figure out a menu plan for the next week.