Our Odd Week In Review: Almost Back from Winter Break

How was your week, did you head back to school or homeschool yet? Our week was pretty laid back as we snuggled up and enjoyed our first real cold blast of the season.

In my life this week…

Everything has been about FOCUS! I'm doing really well so far too, focusing on each task at hand, moment and life in general. I have to say that a major part of this is because I am using Asana to manage all of my task, goals and everything else. 

I have a work space for Odd Mom Media, That Odd Mom, Homeschool and Personal. I am able to sort my "To-Do's" by date and then by today, upcoming or later. They are color coded by project and have lots of tags to help me sort it all out and stay on top of what needs to be done, NOW.  I plan to share in a post later, how I use Asana for each area of my life, but for now, you know how I am staying focused.

In our homeschool this week…

There was no formal learning, as I always let the kids ease back into it after a break (we took three weeks for the holidays,) but as usual, they took the reigns and learned all on their own.

Matt decided to use money he was saving to get Unreal Engine. This is some serious game development software and he's ready to dive in and learn as he goes, and he's doing just that. He has spent the week watching tutorial videos, reading documentation and tweaking elements in is first attempt at a game. Along the way he has written down a list of specifications for his game, started the story line and practiced math and physics to get his graphics just right.

Ema had developed and curiosity for dinosaurs lately and has spent time researching their habitats and diets. She even recorded a two hour documentary and watched it. Additionally, she's been playing Jeopardy games on scratch like crazy and working her way through a Minecraft novel.

Ali spent some time on Reading Eggs this week, per her request, and we had fun saying greeting from around the world from one of our read aloud books this week.

We've had tons of discussions on the weather and negative numbers too, as this week brought the coldest temps my kids have ever experienced, including their first time with with chills in the negatives.

Things I’m working on…

Now that I'm getting most of my day under control and focused, I'm working on finding more time to read. I have so many books sitting here (mostly on the kindle) to review and I'm going to attempt to finish one a week until I get caught up. In fact, later today I am going to share a review for a WWWII book for kids.


That pretty much sums up our week. Nothing too exciting to share, but hey, life isn't always wild and weird.