Our Odd Week in Review: Art Crazed and Crazy World

Another week has come and gone, or rather flown by, in snowy Virginia. A week in which another blogger was attacked and the government inched closer to total internet domination. Both events just adding to my list of thoughts on "should I still be doing this?" that keep running rampant in my head. 

We don't fit into a nice little bubble. We believe in personal rights that include our decisions regarding vaccinations, education and ability to not affiliate with any religious group. All choices that put a target on our back for any number of groups to judge or attack us including fundamentalist, other parents and even the government.

I'm not one to cower and live my life in fear of persecution for my choices (that just feels weird to say living in what is supposed to be the land of the free) so I'm still here, still sharing our life with the general public. Our quirky, odd, loving and really just normal life. 

In my life this week…

I FINALLY got a new (to me) computer after abusing my poor little laptop for three years. Dell Outlet had a flash sale this week with 30% select desktops so I snagged up an awesome refurbished all-in-one, shipped, for $330! If you've ever been on the fence about purchasing a refurbished PC for a considerably lower cost, you should know that my laptop was refurbished too and is still kicking after not only I put it through the paces, but the kids as well with Minecraft.

In our homeschool this week…

The girls went on an art craze watching dozens of "how to draw" videos on YouTube. Ema had discovered that she LOVES to draw and is pretty darn good at it too. 

Matt started to learn to code with Python and has been busy drafting code in paper notebooks and in a OneNote notebook he set up on his computer. He challenged me to see who could learn the programming language first, but I can tell you, he's won this one!

Natalie has been on a huge kick of retelling stories lately so I happily employed Julie's, Brave Writer Jot it Down, method to write down her narrations of the stories.

What We've Been Reading/Listening To…

All Product images are Amazon affiliate links. I will earn tiny commission if you choose to click through a make a purchase.
Word Smart Junior
By Julian Fleisher
Celebrate America and Safety
By Twin Sisters
Shakespeare for Children
By Charles Lamb, Mary Lamb
50 Favourite Nursery Rhymes
By BBC Audiobooks

hat We've Been Watching

In addition to MinutePhysics and MinuteEarth on YouTube, we've been really getting some use out of our Amazon Prime membership. If you have visual/auditory learners, I cannot express how valuable Prime and Audible memberships are. My kids do NOT work well with worksheets/text style books or scripted lessons. These memberships work wonders for allowing them to explore what they want to learn.


My favorite thing this week was…

Was setting the kids loose in the snow and allowing them explore it in a slightly slushy state. I watched from the kitchen window as they laughed and squished, observed the stream in wood-line and took in the wonder that is being a kid left to explore nature.

Things I’m working on…

Finding the balance again. It never fails that when I fully immerse myself in one thing something falls to the wayside. I still on the hunt for that ever elusive balance that allows me to manage to dive into full learning experiences with the kids, stick to a menu plan of fresh made goods, tackle mount laundry, have one on one time with the hubs, not neglect this wonderful blog and still have time for freelance work. I'm pretty sure I'm reaching for a sparkly unicorn somewhere in a far off land, but hey, I'm going to keep trying.

Our Week in Pictures…