Our Odd Week in Review: The One Where I Survived

It has been a week ya'll!!! A long, where the hell did this insomnia come from, I don't want to be a single parent, damn you freezing rain, week.

In my life this week…

The hubs left out of town early Sunday morning for a week of business in Arkansas. Not even five minutes after he left it started to sleet. Eh, I can handle a little sleet. Thirty minutes later and the we would sit back and watch over eight hours of freezing rain come down. Still, I was all eh, whatever. Until I went to use the water at 4pm and it was suddenly froze up and it would remain frozen for over 48 hours. 

Let me tell, you get creative when cooking meals in attempt to not use water and dirty as few dishes as possible. It really wasn't all that bad and I enjoyed a long hot bath Tuesday night when the sweet sound of flowing water returned.

Insomnia, weird crazy things waking me up at 4 am, two days in a row. Might as well be the same thing, regardless, I was wide awake both mornings long before I wanted to be. The first was from the rain beating down on the roof so hard I just couldn't. The second being the giant ball of fur know as Rex, A.K.A. Ali's Cat, balling up on my head and sinking his teeth into my skull as he kicked with glee, like I was the best mouse toy in the world. Yeah, try going back to sleep after that!

The lack of sleep and no husband showed me that sure I am perfectly capable of parenting, even in not so typical times, but man did I wish I could curl up for an uninterrupted hour of peace at some point during the week and take deep relaxing "mom moment" breath.

In our homeschool this week…

Natalie pronounced that she wants to study bugs. She LOVES bugs. Is she my daughter??? Anyways, she drew a picture of a butterfly and narrated what she wanted wrote down on it, "Butterflies are good creatures with beautiful wings." Awww, doesn't it just make you smile!

All of the kiddo's started moon journals and we soaked in tons of Audible time while coloring in Dover coloring books for Christopher Columbus, Medieval Times and Dinosaurs.

Ema, FINALLY, understands the value of trying and practicing, in regards to math that she doesn't understand. I think I could hear the angels singing when she pronounced to me that she worked hard on a particular concept and gets it now!!!!

Matt has been busy working on his game in the Unity 3D Engine and watching anything bizarre/strange science related he can find. 

My favorite thing this week was…

Even though I thought I might not survive this week, I did have a favorite moment. Friday afternoon as I peeked out the window at my kids playing in the snow. They were busy building an igloo and working so well together. They didn't need an adult hovering over them. Just some good old fashioned time to enjoy the outdoors and be kids. These moments always make me smile.

My kiddos favorite thing this week was…

Watching the new Tinkerbell movie, Tinkerbell and the Legend of the Neverbeast. They LOVED it and Matt and Ema even cried at the end. They begged to watch it again Friday morning before chores and I happily agreed as they curled up with the coloring books and got lost in the Disney magic again.  ----Affiliate Link--->

Things I’m working on…

Deciding if you we justify the 2015 Family Forward retreat in Orlando in our budget. I would LOVE to go, the kids would LOVE to go to Universal for the fist time and it would be our first time back to Florida since we moved away last June. It is just so HARD for me to justify anything that cost over $100 dollars these days as I work on getting us to debt free. Though I know, we all really need a vacation.

I rewarded my kids this week by…

Renting the Tinkerbell movie. I figured they didn't drive me completely bonkers with their daddy gone and totally deserved it.

Something I am ogling or have my eye on…

Sumblox. Seriously, these things look awesome for teaching a right-brained child. Again though, I'm stuck in my "I've become a tight wad" mode.

We Love the Snow!

Do yo wanna build an igloo??? Well, a mini one anyways :-)

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