Our Odd Week in Review: The Really Late Edition

I pretty sure someone has sped up time on me. Last week is pretty much a blur, with the exception of a few key moments.

In my life this week…

I spent countless hours trying to figure out the Virginia growing season and plan our garden. What will we plant where, next to what, when and do we already have the seeds or do we still need them. I'm pretty sure my brain was a mush of fertile, well-drained squash beetle filled facts by the weekend. 

That could explain why I fell going UP the stairs at about 6 am Saturday morning. On the LAST step!!! Who does that??? Apparently I do and let me tell you, it hurt like a MOTHER!!! I have a bruise on my finger, sore wrist, multiple bruises on my legs and a bruise on my poor big toe that should just have a sign saying "I like to break." Oh, I did I mention that I still feel like I was in wreck. I DON"T RECOMMEND IT!

In our homeschool this week…

We sucked up some Amazon Prime on Native Americans. Listened to hours of Audible. (They really need a better membership deals for addicts like us!) Played with flower nomenclature cards and place value cards. Basically, our normal rhythm of relaxed delight-directed, unschoolish (just pick a term you like) learning.

The kids actually spent a lot of time outdoors enjoying the rapid switch from snow last week to temps in the upper 50's and they have built a small creek and pond complete with landscape. 

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

I purchased season passes and we plan to take our first trip to Kings Dominion in less than two weeks to celebrate Ema's 10th birthday. Holy Carp Batman, TEN! When did this happen? She has hormones, is stealing all of my shoes and dreams of being on Master Chef. Someone please stop my babies from growing up. When all three make it over 10, I'm pretty sure I'm going to cry.

My favorite thing this week was…

Was watching Ema bake Dutch Apple Wedges. It was her first time baking something other than a cake, cookies or brownies. She was SO proud of herself.

My kiddos favorite thing this week was…

I'm not sure about Ema and Ali, but by far, for Matt it was watching Gravity Falls, over and over and over; analyzing every little detail on quest to solve the mystery. He has picked that show to pieces!!!

Things I’m working on…

I started spring cleaning....dum...dum...dum....!!!! I threw out SO MUCH stuff in the bathroom; lotions, cleaners etc...that I haven't touched in forever because I just don't use the chemical laden stuff anymore.

Mini Menu Plan Monday

Monday - Homemade won-ton soup stuffed with teriyaki mushroom and spinach instead of meat with homemade "crunchy things"

Tuesday - Corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and carrots because I freaking love it and St. Patrick's day gives me an excuse to splurge on the beef.

Wednesday - Roasted chicken, mac-n-cheese and broccoli

Thursday - Goulash and Salad

Friday - Mini Chicken Pot Pies

Saturday - Leftover Buffet

Sunday - The Hubs choice and turn to cook

A Quote

On the importance of expression after observation, with observation being the means of education in the primary (5 to 8) years.

The physical activity of expression is in the manipulation or bodily action exercised in production; the mental activity is in the completion of the ideas resulting from observation, and in the exercise of the creative power of the mind; the soul activity is in the accompanying emotion of love, sympathy, or reverence, or in the conception of the ideal involved in expression. Any work of observation or expression for the child which omits any one of these functions is partial and imperfect, and so far a failure in educative power or completeness.

The unity of the threefold nature of the child should be preserved in every process of education.
— Louisa Parsons Stone Hopkins, Observation Lessons in the Primary Schools, 1896.