Our Odd Year In Review: Goodbye 2014

This year just seemed to zoom by and barely allow me to catch my breath. It has had lots of highs and few lows, but mostly it has just made me smile. Let me see if I can sum it up without writing a novella for you.

In my life this year…

I learned to have faith in myself and know that I can admit when I am good at something without feeling like I am being arrogant. Too often I dismiss my feelings and pride when I shouldn't and I have made giant leaps in fixing that this year. I also learned to appreciate more and let the little irritating things roll off my shoulder. Seriously, I spent a week with my father and I we did not argue, bicker or fight ONCE the whole time. This is HUGE! We always butt heads on everything and we had a really good visit together this time.

In our homeschool this year…

We finished up our 2013/2014 school year in Florida not long after a field trip to Sea World. I turned in the final attendance to our awesome umbrella school in June and by August we were officially homeschoolers in Virginia. With lots of resources in tow, we started our journey down an interest led learning path and it has been amazing. I can't wait to see where my kiddos passions continue to take us.

Places we went...

Of course we made the big move to Virginia in July of this year and we love it here. I plan to tell you all about it soon! Since we've been here we have visited two state parks, George Washington's birth place, Maryland, the county fair, the harvest festival, our local library (which we have fallen in LOVE with) and an awesome co-op store closer to Richmond that has our favorite milk. 

My favorite thing this year was…

Seeing the looks on the kids faces when we got our first snowy mix!!! They have never seen snow and their smiles were just magical.

My kiddos favorite thing this year was…

The first response Matt and Ema gave me was, "This is YOUR blog, why do WE have to say something?" So, this is what they gave me, without much thought. Ehhh......

Matt "Getting a new computer."

Ema "Getting my Kindle."

Ali "Ughhhh...."

LOL, she is not a morning person so I will have to update this later.

This year I worked on…

A number of freelance social media/marketing/PR projects for clients as I inch towards establishing  Odd Mom Media. It is going at a slower pace than I had hoped (aka..I despise being outbid because someone overseas will do the work for $5 a flipping hour!!!) but I will get there. Fingers crossed I will still be launching in 2015.

I’m grateful for…

My amazing husband and his incredible work ethic that has allowed us to experience a new part of the country and continue to homeschool. Finding a home in this new place that is in a town that has brought numerous smiles to the kiddo's faces and comes with great landlords. I am grateful for so much more and I'm happy I get to instill that gratitude into my children as well.

In the Works for 2015…

I'm working on baby steps 1 and 2 with goal to have us completely debt free by 2018 (hopefully sooner!) It is a little more difficult since we caved this year and purchased a vehicle with a loan, but it had to be done and the zero debt future is one I'm really looking forward to.

On the blog this year...

I became burned out and done and walked away in March. I couldn't find my voice here anymore and felt like everything I wrote was for someone else. After six months of just enjoying the chaos that is life, I came back, ready to just be little old odd me! As for my lovely quirky readers, I leave you with your top post for each month of 2014 and I will see you again in the new year.

January - An Odd Mom's 2014 Bucket List 

      Reading this actually makes me sad because I managed to check virtually nothing off of this list. I remind myself though that the year has been full of love and good things even if it isn't near what I had hoped for.

February - Our Thoughts on Reading Eggs and the Read to Cure Challenge

     We still use Reading Eggs in our home for Ali and I still highly recommend them!

March - Budget Homeschool Planning with OneNote

     My all time favorite homeschool tool; I still rely on OneNote years later as it now works as a great tool to record my kiddo's interest led learning with a journal style portfolio.

April - My Favorite Things to Do in the Orlando Area

     I don't really miss the Orlando area, but I do miss these fun weekend activities, our family and my favorite mouse!

May - How Fish Oil Supplements Have Helped Our Son

     We no longer need the supplements but I am still a strong believer in food as the best medicine. Our change in diet over the last two years has made a significant improvement in many health issues we faced, including keeping the raging meltdowns to a minimum.

June - Educational App Review: One Minute Reader

     This is actually my most popular post of all time and for good reason, the app is FANTASTIC and great tool to have on hand if your kiddo struggles with fluency in reading.

July - How to Train Your Dragon Unit Study

     With the release of the second movie it was no surprise to me that this post jumped up the ranks.

August - The Ultimate Homeschool Planner Review

      If you need a paper planner, this one is still at the top of my list!

September - What Do Puberty and Hot Flashes Have in Common?

      Life, daughters and evil Aunt Flo all come to mind when I think about this post. That and the crazy search phrases that led readers to it this year.

October - My Experience with Pep Boys Oil Change Service

      I'm not sure if everyone suddenly decided they needed an oil change or what, but you all sure liked this post.

November - Khan Academy and Common Core

     I loathe Common Core, but I love Khan and this post tells you why.

December - A Smart Stocking Stuffer from ShaveMOB #ShaveSmarter

     If you didn't snag this one up, you missed out!


How was your year? Happy, sad, full of lazy days and smiles or did all zoom by too fast?