Remembering How to Relax with the Art Therapy Collection

I was provided with one issue of the Art Therapy Collection Magazine to facilitate my review. Opinions are 100% my own.

I was provided with one issue of the Art Therapy Collection Magazine to facilitate my review. Opinions are 100% my own.


Getting Started on my Art Therapy Doodle

One of these most difficult things about being a mom is remembering to find time for yourself. The time to just sit down, relax and truly enjoy something that is for you and not everyone you are taking of. I will admit that I struggle with this. I am constantly putting my families needs before my own and soon enough I'm wound up and ready to have a flip out even though I know that carving out just a few minutes of time each day for just me could have stopped this.

I've always loved art and coloring. Growing up I often had sketchpads full of random doodles, drawings and my best renditions of Disney princesses. I'd say it runs in the family as my dad is an amazing sketch artist and one of my cousins has completed works that I would I pay a pretty penny for.

Somehow though, over the years, my love for art has been pushed to the back burner and the Art Therapy Mag has reminded me how much I miss it. When it arrived I got to selfishly tell the kids, "This is mine!" The package would provide me with my "me" time and was mine and mine alone. 

I received the first issue and along with it a set of high quality colored pencils and nice metal pencil sharpener. (At the rate my kids lose and or destroy pencil sharpeners, I keeping a death grip on this one!) 

I waited until the next day when it was the perfect moment to have some mommy time. The big kids were upstairs playing nicely and Ali was downstairs in her own little loud world, banging on a symbol, thrusting one baby doll through the air calling it Superman and informing another that it would need brain surgery. 


The COmpleted Art Therapy Doodle

If there was ever a time to pour a glass of wine and sit down for some stress-relieving adult coloring, this was it!

I sat down and spent somewhere between 30 minutes and an hour coloring in one of the doodles and not once did I feel like I was going to crawl out of my skin from the chaos that is a kid pounding on a symbol.

In the week that I've had my Art Therapy Mag issue I've made time to start working on a "color me calm" design and read through the coloring and relaxation tips. I can say that having it here is almost as good as an hour long massage. It has reminded me how much I LOVE art and given me a reason to make sure I get my me time.

About the Art Therapy Collection

"Every month, get inspired with 4 Art therapy issues. Each magazine is packed with gorgeous coloring designs plus creative coloring techniques and relaxation tips." "Each issue is complemented by pencils or markers specially selected in a full spectrum of colors to add your own creative touch to the designs. Immerse yourself in coloring and be inspired to experiment and achieve stunning results."

Sections featured in each issue

  • Color with Confidence - shares artist techniques and tips to improve your coloring.
  • Sketchpad - has fun doodles that you can color when you only have few minutes to spare.
  • Color me Calm - has no rules, just full-page designs to color as your relax.
  • Color me Happy - will teach you about colors and color combinations and how they influence your mood.
  • Ten-minute Mindfulness - a short meditation to help you decompress as well as improve focus and awareness.
  • Color me Results - shows you finished works from colorist (for inspiration) and gives you a sneak peek of your next issue.


How much does it cost to subscribe?
  • Get issues 1 and 2 plus your FREE pencil case for just $4.95 and no S&H . 
  • Get issues 2 and 3 plus your FREE magazine tidy box and FREE coloring board for the special price of $9.90 and just $1 S&H per issue. 
  • Each issue thereafter is $4.95 each + $1 S&H per issue. 

FREE Gifts!

The Art Therapy Mag is already great, but they also give subscribers FREE gifts!

  • You will receive your FREE pencil case with your first shipment. 
  • You will receive your FREE magazine tidybox and FREE XXL coloring poster with your second shipment. 
  • You will receive your FREE coloring board with your third shipment.
  • You will receive your FREE color wheel with your fifth shipment. 
  • You will receive your FREE portfolio with your eighth shipment. 
  • You will receive your FREE gel pen set with your twelfth shipment. 

You can subscribe to the Art Therapy Mag at the Art Therapy Collection website for yourself or as a gift.

You can also find Art Therapy Mag on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Go follow them, check out all of the gorgeous completed coloring pieces and share your own on Instagram and Facebook using hashtag #arttherapycollection

Additional Thoughts

As much as I want to stay entirely selfish and claim the Art Therapy Mag as something special just for me, I have to tell you that my kids were highly intrigued, all asking to color in it. (I haven't let them, yet.)

While I would never order the mag for my 7-year-old, I can see the value in subscribing both my 10 and 12-year-old kiddos.

  1. Stress release and mindfulness is useful to more than just adults. Matt has a really hard time focusing and calming himself and this could certainly be a great way to help him regulate his emotions.
  2. Not all kids are fond of "kid coloring." Ema is a little budding artist and already sits for hours coloring detailed books, like a Medieval one we have. She would really enjoy this.
  3. They serve as a great art education supplement for homeschoolers with all of the techniques and tips.

So, even though I'm including this adult coloring book subscription in my Grown-Up gift guide, I would say it would be great for certain kids too!

Have you ever tried an adult coloring book? What do you do to whined down, de-stress and make sure you get me time?