Review & Giveaway: Apothecary Extracts - 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil


We started using essential oils in our home years ago. A mixture of lavender and orange or lemon added to a calming dusting spray. Tea tree oil and lemon oil for an all purpose cleaner. Various oils in a bath to help calm the nerves or clear a stuffy head. Tea tree oil is our go to oil for so many things and needless to say we go through a lot of it. Lucky me, Apothecary Extracts provided me the opportunity to try out their tee tree oil just as my current bottle was running low.

It seems over the years that the ounces in the bottles of essential oils I buy decreases while the prices keep going up. I get it, essential oils are all the rage right now and some companies charge insanely high prices leaving room in the market for overall price increases. The fact is though, pure, quality essential oils have been on the market LONG before someone decided to turn them into a profitable "tiered" sales model. That is why I was SUPER excited when I heard from Apothecary Extracts and saw that their tea tree oil came in a generous 4 oz bottle and I wouldn't have to sign up to be test subject to afford it.

My tea tree oil arrived in a box that reminded me of walking into a pharmacy before my time, but with some helpful extras for those of us emerged in the age of information. They include the normal uses and warnings along with a web address for tips on how to detox your home as well as their email address if you need to get in touch. I love not having to hunt down a companies contact information if I have question or concern.

I opened the bottle up, honestly expecting to smell a diluted version of my favorite oil for such a reasonable price, but instead I was greeted by the same strong, familiar scent I've grown to love.

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Apothecary Extracts

Along with the 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil, Apothecary Extract sends you a PDF eBook, 53 Uses for Tea Tree Oil. It starts out with an explanation of the extraction process, traditional and modern uses, the science and finally possible side effects. Then you are armed with recipes that use tea tree oil for skin care, hair care, home care, first aid, aromatherapy and household cleansers. 

Because I have to "oil" my hair (that's a discussion for a whole other blog post) and I love tea tree oil hair applications to keep the scalp healthy and ward off ticks (shiverrrrrr....those evil things will be coming back soon!) I'm a big fan of the Moisturizing Oil Treatment recipe for hair that is in the book.

Apothecary Extracts 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil is available exclusively on Amazon for $24.99 with free shipping! If you would like to try before you buy, I'm giving away one bottle to one lucky winner now. Just enter to win!