Review: My Homeschool Grades


It has been two years since My Homeschool Grades launched and I wrote my first review. In those two years, the service they provide has grown and changed making it more than worthy of an updated review the new features and pricing structure.

What is My Homeschool Grades?

The premier planning, grading, and tracking program built with the features and tools your family needs to create a safe and secure web-based record of your educational journey.

The Features

Grade tracking - Input letter or number grades, per lesson or just a final grade. The software even does all the math for you, calculating GPA's.

Lesson Plans - You can choose from pre-made lesson plans from select publishers or input your own. Schedule the lessons easily, add notes and assign a type such as "not graded" and "quiz."

Extracurricular Activities - Whether it is a job, community service, a part in a production, sports and so on, My Homeschool Grades allows you track all your children's extracurricular activities.

Transcripts - You can print professional transcripts that include are divided by year with courses, credits, grades and the cumulative GPA. You can even include the extracurricular activities mentioned above.

Attendance - You can track attendance by day or by hour.

Reporting - You have the option to print report cards, attendance reports, 


My Homeschool Grades offers two options, $5.99 monthly or $49.99 annually. Each account can accommodate unlimited students, comes with free support and a 30-day money back guarantee.

There is also an alternative pricing structure for administrative functions for umbrella and cover schools, groups, organizations, small private schools, and co-op's. Just give them a call to discuss your needs.

Check out this video for a full overview and then head over to My Homeschool Grades and check it out for yourself.

How Do I Use My Homeschool Grades?

Since we are unschoolish and rarely follow a lesson plan, I simply set up classes for the kiddos with the "final grade" option and update their grade as we go throughout the year. The only exception to this is for Matt, who is currently working through Beginning Game Programming with C# from 


For this class I have set up a lesson plan that includes lectures, labs, readings, programming assignments and project work. I set the lesson plan up to follow the dates of the course too, even though Matt is working at his own pace and not trying to keep up with college level time table.

I also use the extracurricular activities tracker to record our field trips and other outings. This way I can easily add them to the bottom of the transcript for the year to include in my records.

While all of the features are not particularly useful to me at this time, I am thankful that they are there as Matt starts to transition into the higher level studies and will need full lesson planning and grading capabilities that are provided.

What is your favorite way to track lessons and record grades, old fashioned pencil and paper or online?