Routine and Comfort are Good, Until You Flash a Cop Some Nipple

Seriously ya'll, I'm sitting here completely mortified over an hour after what will surely be my most embarrassing moment of the year...possibly decade. But before I tell you about the cop, my nipples and utter humiliation, let me tell you about the rest of the day that led up to it.

I woke up at 7:30 and started my IV drip of coffee while pouring over my income and expenses from blogging and my freelance work. Ali woke up around 8:30 and asked for a bowl of cereal. Matt was up by 9:30 and Ema at 10:00. 

Matt requested leftover chili for breakfast at which point Ali insisted she must have some too! This was followed by the cooking of a giant omelet for Ema and myself.

By noon the kids started school work and asked for hot cocoa.

Are you keeping up the with amount of dishes dirtied so far???

By 2:00 they had finished their work. I told them they had an hour and we were going to get up and do the chores. The giant pile of daily dishes for me, a massive fort/slide that was in front of the door (built out of a large cardboard box and piles of blankets) along with all of the other miscellaneous stuff they scatter throughout the day.

We were all upstairs at this point; Matt and Ema playing Minecraft, Ali playing with her dolls and I was watching TV. Then it happened.


I ran down stairs in a panic wondering why someone was trying to beat the door in. With no time throw on a robe, I answered the door, with my thin long sleeve shirt, no bra, cold nipples saying HELLO to a cop at my front door.

Not only was I mortified that boobs, boobs that could normally flop free from the abuse that is a bra in my home, were saying "Hey Look at ME," But with the days dishes and Mt. box and blankets blocking the door it looked like utter chaos in our home. 

I'm sure my complete humiliation and panic didn't help the fact the cop said that our number called 911 and he was trying to figure out if everything was okay.

I'm still baffled by that one by the way as our only house phone was downstairs during the supposed call and we were all upstairs???

The moral of the story: As much as I love of late afternoon cleaning routine, homeschooling in PJ's and letting girls run free....I may be doing things a bit differently from now on to save myself from total humiliation round two in the future.