Second Breakfast to No Breakfast

Because 1 out 5 Kids in the US Struggle with Hunger

I've seen a meme going around about second breakfast and homeschoolers and I couldn't help but laugh because most of the day, my kids are eating something. They are growing little human beings and three meals a day just don't cut, they are eating multiple small meals throughout the day and snacks. Then the sadness set in as I remembered how many children don't get a single breakfast, let alone a second breakfast. For some of the 1 out of every 5 kids in the US that struggle with hunger, school lunch is their ONLY meal of the day.

This is just NOT okay!

In country where we pay entertainers and sports stars multi-million dollar salaries, how is it we have hungry children? I truly don't understand it. These children should know the joy of reading the Hobbit and planning out their own Hobbit Day feast, with second breakfast, afternoon tea and more. Instead, they are making their way through school days with hunger pains.

In a perfect world!

Until Dr. Who and Middle Earth meet in perfect harmony, we will have to settle for finding ways to solve this problem ourselves. Here are just a few of the things you can do!

Tell your Senator to help end Summer Hunger

Volunteer at a Culinary Event

Lead a Cooking Matters at the Store Tour

Host a Bake Sale

Create a Fundraiser

Donate - Just $1 will provide a child with 10 meals

In the 2014 fiscal year 70%, 14.1 million, of donated funds went to the No Kid Hungry programs that provide meals to children and are fighting to end childhood hunger in the United States. Won't you help and join Team No Kid Hungry?