Seven Months and Some Much Needed Perspective

I've been so busy with life that it doesn't seem like seven months have passed since I stepped away from this blog. It has been long enough however to make me realize why I was done and why I suddenly longed to come back.

Once upon a time, long before pitches rolled into my inbox and a Klout score sent fun opportunities my way, my blog was therapy. It was the place where I came to regurgitate all of thoughts that swarm my head everyday on education, life, the world. The thoughts that you just need to get out, but tend to put people off in a real life conversation.

The topics that ignite my passion were eventually sent to the bottom of the list behind sponsored post, giveaways and fun themes that were sure to draw in more readers. 

Seven months have put in place to say, "No More!" I could care less if my erratic postings and lack of fun crafts leaves me with five readers a day. This blog is for ME! If you happen to find yourself comfortable in my little world, by all means, stick around. But please, don't expect me to cater my content to you. It will never happen again.

Once in a blue moon you may find a sponsored piece or a giveaway, but if it happens, know that it is something that I am truly passionate about. 

For the most part, I hope you are ready to here my harangues on the latest vaccination push, Common Core and more. I've been bottling it up and I'm pretty sure my Facebook friends could use some relief from my mini-rants.