Stop Placing Josh Duggar on a Pedestal - It's Sexual Abuse Not a Sin

I am sure to lose, not only some readers, but also some friends and family on Facebook for this one. After 24+ hours of "The Duggar's dominate the internet" I really can't take it anymore though; it needs to be said that this isn't about sin, it is about sexual abuse.

Two of the first post I came across in my Facebook feed this morning were about Josh Duggar's allegations. Both post addressed how he had sinned and repented so there must be forgiveness. They are good Christian people and handled it properly, blah, blah, blah.... Really, not what I wanted to come across while sipping my first cup of Saturday morning coffee.

Somehow, because this family has televised their lives for world while proclaiming their Christian faith, many have put their blinders on to the core of situation here. They are focusing on his issues as ones of morals and making things right in the eyes of god. 


Josh Duggar (allegedly) molested his little sisters (we are talking 5 years old) when he was 15 years old. This is not a situation to be labeled as a lack of morals, sin or time to seek forgiveness, IT IS A CRIME!

In any other circumstance, if a male, who was old enough to understand they were in the wrong, molested a young girl, the masses would scream out pedophile and demand justice. So why is it this man is being handed a religious pass? Why is it these little girls wrong doings are swept under a rug, ultimately teaching them that a crime is not a crime if you a good Christian and promise to repent?

I support people of any race, gender identity, sexual orientation and faith doing and believing in whatever it is that makes them happy and fulfilled, but I cannot support using one’s own faith to justify wrongdoings. 

So far, all of those that are shouting for forgiveness and turning a sexual abuse case into a sin issue, please answer me one question:

Would you feel the same way if it was your little girls that had been molested by a teenage boy?